The Magical Powers of Exercise: Lesson One

More to Exercise Than Weight Loss

Every once and awhile, people look at my plate and say, “Oh, you can get away with all of that food because you exercise.”

Or, “Wow, I hope you plan on running after eating that.”

Or, after seeing me exercise they proclaim,  “I think I need to start running, I feel like I’m getting fat.”

In other words, YOU believe that the best thing that could possibly come from exercising would be changing the way that you look. There are so many OTHER reasons to exercise besides just countering excess calories in your diet. When a person with a background in exercise science hears you say these things, it can seem like maybe you’re missing the point.

All of my blog readers – I need you to be smarter. I need you to have a greater understanding of exercise. It’s more than just a weight loss plan.

(Sidenote: You know what is the best weight loss plan? Eating less. We’ll talk more about that later.)

In order to prevent you from making the same mistake, allow me to educate you on the MAGICAL powers of exercise. It really is amazing stuff.  If you haven’t tried it – you should.

Let’s start with the smallest lesson possible today. We’re going smaller than the fat in your body, past the big hunks of muscle that move your bones, down past the bones that support your frame. We’re going smaller than the cells that make up your body. We’re going inside the nucleus of every cell. We’re going microscopic. Think TINY.

This is the magic that you can’t really see happening – but wait, maybe you can. I’m talking about your DNA.

Quick Lesson on DNA

DNA is your body’s manuscript for how to rebuild. It’s your blueprint. Anytime you cut your finger, it’s your DNA that knows how to get the skin on your finger rebuild the way it was meant to be.

Everyone chromosomes. Chromosomes are the “x” looking figures and they hold the secrets to your body. They’re actually a huge strand of DNA all clumped up together.

When we unwind the DNA, that’s when you can see a sequence. It’s this sequence that has to be replicated and transcribed exactly so.

Chromosomes have four main arms. At the end of each arm, there’s a telomere that acts as a sort of cap on the ends of the DNA. Telomeres help prevent DNA loss. They have to stay healthy in order that you can continue to replicate in a healthy way. If your telomeres become damaged your chromosomes can become shorter and you can actually lose DNA material. If you lose that DNA material, your body starts messing up.

You still replicate – but it’s not the way it used to be…

You’re not as fresh…

You kinda look… well, old.

Telomere damage happens when you age and you gradually start to lose DNA material from the tips of your chromosomes. Hence, those little changes that we all wish we could reverse – like wrinkles, sagging skin, slower GI tracts, fading eyesight, slowed healing and increased susceptiblity to illness.

Okay let’s get back to exercise.

The Exciting News About Exercise

Exercise helps prevent telomere damage.

Do you KNOW what that means?!?!?! If you exercise, you’ll stay looking younger longer. You’ll keep your health longer. You’ll be able to fix yourself when other people have lost the ability to do so. You’ll be INVINCIBLE! Or something like that anyways.

You don’t believe me? Check out this PROOF.

Or somebody else put it this way.

Or this way, if you prefer.

See! I’m right. Now go get your butt moving and do it for your TELOMERES!

2 thoughts on “The Magical Powers of Exercise: Lesson One

  1. Invincible, huh? So you mean, since I deadlift all the time, I can take gunshot from a small caliber firearm to my spinal erectors and walk away laughing? I gotta try that! Thanks for the inspiration Burbs! ;-)
    P.S. Cool blog btw. Like the recipes. Any vegetable prep tips for us nutjobs who work in news and are limited on time?

    • Haha! Well, you might not be laughing, but you’d certainly heal up better than the non-exercised individual.

      Here’s a vegetable prep tip, find a neighbor to cut the vegetables for you. ;)

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