Making Good Choices

Making good choices takes some practice.  

From the time I was young I was taught to consider my choices. My parents lectured me as a child to consider how my actions might affect the people around me or how they might affect my future.

I’m twenty-six years old. You’d think I’d have plenty of practice by now. But here’s the thing, “Present Sarah” still makes bad choices for “Future Sarah” to clean up all the time.

We’re not meant to be perfect. But, we are meant to be better.

I think the real difference lies in your intent. Do you intend to skate by life putting very little effort into developing yourself and others around you? Or do you want to tweak every last attribute, let hard experiences shape you instead of burn you, and practice choosing things you NEED instead of giving into everything that you WANT?

That’s a loaded question. Anyone in their right mind would say, “No! I don’t want that! I want to be better.”

Well, let’s see if that’s true. Would your actions say that you wanted it?

For instance, let’s say that you harp about how important honesty is in life. Based off of these proclamations, one could assume that honesty was something you valued. But then, let’s imagine the same person lying to themselves on a daily basis about even the smallest things in life. Well, IS honesty really that important? For such an important value, it doesn’t seem to be guiding your choices very much.

So, here’s the real question…

What are your choices saying about you?

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