Sisters, Sandwiches, and Sweet Potato Fries


Last night my sister came over to hang out and have some dinner. She’s 19 and it’s her first summer back from college. Even though it seemed like we would be seeing each other all the time now that she’s back in town – we’ve both been busy and this little gathering has been long overdue.

Let me start by saying, I absolutely adore my sisters. We’re all so different. But the great thing about our differences is that we seem to complement each other perfectly. Where I have weaknesses, they have strengths, and vice versa. The other thing I love about my sisters is that we don’t typically need any entertainment besides each other. Last night was no exception to the rule. :)

As Bri and I sat on the couch talking about life and our various problems, I commented on how long it took me to accept who God made me. For much of my life, I’ve wished that I would be less of me and more of someone else. I wanted to be less abrasive, less brutally honest, or at least less extreme in my ideas. The more I tried to distance myself from these traits, the less I became of myself.

You see, I’m not mellow, easy going, and chill. I’m excitable, extreme, honest, and I don’t settle. I don’t tip toe around issues. I will say things to people that nobody else will. I’m that kind of instrument. I play a certain kind of note and every once and awhile, it’s needed and I’m the only kind of note that makes sense.

Here’s the thing I had to learn about being myself though… I can accept that part of myself. BUT, just like one tool won’t work for every job, I have to understand that I’m not going to be the “tool” that’s needed in every situation. In some situations, I have to lay dormant. I have to NOT ACT in order that the right tool can be used. Otherwise, I’m going to create damage. A hammer can not unwind a screw. There’s nothing wrong with being a hammer. But, that task does not require/need/want a hammer.

It’s not about being something different, but knowing when to act.

We all have skills, experiences, and personalities that make us different from one another. Eventually, your set of traits is going to be needed.

Know this: at some point, YOU will be exactly what WE always needed.

You’re part of God’s plan and that’s exciting stuff. So, don’t try to change yourself. Try to KNOW yourself, so that when the time comes for you to act, you’ll know you’re the person for the job.

“Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries”

Along with all of this deep conversation, we also managed to scrounge up some din din. This would be where the “Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries” comes in…

First off, let me start with my grocery store trip. Ahem… sandwich meat is expensive. For this reason alone, I am not going to be a frequent sandwich eater. I just can’t afford it. My sandwich meat and cheese cost close to $20! That’s for 4-5 sandwiches? That’s 4-5 dollars per sandwich – CRAZY!

We can blame this exorbant cost of groceries on my dad though, because he’s the ont that got me hooked on sandwiches this weekend. He made me a pretty nice one and it kind of took me by surprise. It had been so long since I had a normal sandwich that I forgot how good it could taste.

Our sandwich from last night was not quite like the one my dad made me this weekend, but it was pretty tasty. We had hickory ham, cracked pepper turkey breast, angus roast beef, colby jack cheese, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard, and oregano (that’s the secret to deliciousness – herbs and spices) on cracked whole wheat bread.

Here’s a picture of our sandwich….

Since I work at a diabetes center, I can’t help but count carbohydrates at my meal. I know that a sandwich is 30 grams of carbohydrate. Well, Bri and I needed 45-60 grams for the meal, so I went with a carbohydrate side.  In this instance, it happened to be sweet potato fries.

They’re pretty easy to make.

First, peel one sweet potato and cut it into fries. Spread those on a baking sheet (lined with foil). Then, drizzle with olive oil and pepper. Toss with your hands until lightly coated.

Put baking sheet into the oven at 400 degrees F until brown on the edges. Don’t be scared to make your fries turn a little brown because sweet potatoes are a lot like marshmallows. Sometimes it’s the burnt ones that taste the best. Enjoy!

A perfectly delicious meal between sisters. :) I love you, Bri! Thanks for coming over last night.

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