You Can’t Win Every Time


Lesson One for Aspiring Cooks: Don’t be afraid to fail.

Many people treat cooking as if it’s something nerve-racking. It’s not. It’s just food. You might mess up. You might try something thinking – “WOW this is going to be great!”

And then you eat it. And, it’s not.

Guess what? That’s okay. I bet you’ll do something different next time.

As long as you remember your failures and don’t repeat them, then you didn’t really fail after all, did you? It was a learning experience.

This week I failed.

Not a big flop, but a little one. Somewhere along the road, I remember SOMEBODY told me about “Grilled Watermelon.” At the time, I shrugged it off saying “Nah. That’s probably gross. Hot watermelon?” But, it’s been itching at the back of my self-consciousness. That grilled watermelon has been whispering in my ear, “How do you KNOW I’m gross, unless you tried me?”

Very persistant little guy.

This week, I gave into the little voice. It sneaked up on me while I was over at friend’s house making dinner. We were planning on having Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (no carbs besides a few croutons) with a side of watermelon (carbohydrates to round out the meal.) I just finished taking the chicken off the grill and I was headed over to cut up the watermelon and serve it when I realized, “Wait! I have a hot grill. AND, I have watermelon!” It was the perfect opportunity.

I tried to think back to the conversation that first introduced grilled watermelon. I could remember a few things, but it was a vague picture. I was pretty sure you just cut the watermelon into big chunks and put the rind down on the grill. I didn’t really know how long to cook it for, but I guessed it was done when the outside started getting good grill marks.

It worked! But…the thing is – grilled watermelon is just okay.

It’s not great. But, it’s also not disgusting like I had originally thought. There’s nothing off-putting about warmed up watermelon. There’s also nothing really that special about it.

Lesson Learned: Hot Watermelon is not gross. It’s just not something to eat plain.

I might think of ways to incorporate grilled watermelon into my cooking for yummy grilled summer salads. Maybe a grilled fruit pizza or something like that. I’m sure it would work in that kind of scenario.

The important thing is that I’m not likely to forget what it tasted like. Which means, now I can imagine this flavor/temperature/feeling along with other foods.

See! Not all was wasted.

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