Girls Rule, Boys Drool!

The female body really is a beautiful thing.

For instance, I can make a baby. Which is something a man cannot do. Not even if he tries really hard.

The one downside to this baby-makin skill is the hormone fluctuations required to do it. The hormone changes would be bad enough by themself, but they have the audacity to be sneaky about it.

I’ll Disclose Anything in the Name of Teaching

Last Friday, my day started out pretty normal… until it wasn’t anymore. I was acting strangely. Here’s a small list of things I found myself doing that were uncharacteristic for me:

  • Coming home from work, I desperately wanted cookies. I made them. Then I ate 6. (Very unusual for me… I’m a woman with self-control)
  • I was angry about a couple of things that had happened that week. My mom, who was kind/unfortunate enough to inquire after these things, asked me about it. I don’t think I realized how angry I was until I started talking about it, and then she received the brunt of my wrath. (I did not want to be consoled.)
  • I found out that I did something wrong. It wasn’t anything big – nothing that was too hard to fix or too serious of a mistake… but it made me want to cry anyways. Right in the middle of my workout – I wanted to cry. (How silly!)
  • I started a conversation with my friend and when she asked me to tell her a story about my week in more detail, I had to start over 6 times. Not because of emotions, just because my brain would lose focus and I would have to start over removing any distractions in front of me. Six. Times. (Seriously?)
  • I felt a lack of optimism about where my life was going… as of that morning. I was completely fine with my life’s direction a few days prior. (Ridiculous.)

The next morning, I was laying in bed thinking about things and I realized something… it’s about that time of month. Hooray! There was a reason for this madness!

Three to four days before menstruation, every female is likely to experience some unusual behaviors because all of our hormones that make us feel really good/smart/beautiful have just dropped out.

Gone. Hasta la Vista. Sionara. Toodles.

Who wouldn’t want to cry? Who wouldn’t be upset? Who wouldn’t doubt their intelligence?

Ha! I know what you’re thinking – A male. True, but a male cannot have babies. We need to focus on that winning aspect of the female anatomy.

DISCLAIMER: The fact that I can blame this all on my hormones is nice – to an extent. But it doesn’t mean that I’m exempt from cleaning up the mess I’ve made in the process. I have to do that. Those were my words. My decisions. My thoughts that went out and affected the people around me. I need to own it.

However… the nice thing about realizing that this is related to natural causes is that I don’t have to be so hard on myself. After realizing it’s not a good time of month for me, I become much better at brushing off negative thoughts or overreactions; mainly, because now that I know there’s a logical reason for my lack of reason.

I’m big on reasons.

I’m going to share this reason, so that more women out there will realize what’s going on. It’s helpful. I promise.

Lesson: Hormone Fluctuations

Observe the graph below.


Women, we are wonderful individuals – but we’re also a little squirrely if you notice the graph above. It’s no wonder that men think we’re “psycho.” We’re not. We’re just undergoing a lot of changes that they know absolutely nothing about. They don’t have a monthly cycle. We do.

I don’t mind owning it.

I’m a girl.

I like it.

Soooo whaaat if all my hormones are dropping out right now?! I’ll be better than ever in a mere 10 days.

In fact, I’ll be irresistible.

“Cause I’m a woman, and that’s how we do.”

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