Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Banana Bread Posers.

There’s a lot of banana CAKE out there pretending to be bread. I mean really? Banana “bread” with a cup of sugar? That sounds like cake. That tastes like cake.

What you want is some breeeeeead.


Well, I’ve got you covered and I promise it’s delicious. See! Look. I appear to be enjoying it…

Here’s what you need to have to make it.

Brown Bananas

Whole Wheat Flour

Plain Yogurt


Coconut Oil



Baking Soda


That’s how easy it is. Do any of those ingredients sound offensive to you? No. They sound nice. Don’t they? Now get in the kitchen!

The “proper recipe” is written out below. Follow the instructions carefully.

Note: If you’re an obsessive stirrer, get out of the kitchen and let somebody else do that step.


Do everything right and you’ll end up with something lovely, kinda like this….



3 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Banana Bread

  1. I have never been a man of routine, however, as I get older I find myself enjoying the same things over and over. When I get to my office, I’ll typically whip my laptop out of my backpack and fire it up. I’ll turn on my other PC and get my notes all in order, so when I come back in, I’m ready to immediately start working. Before I sit down and start the grind, I head back to the warehouse where we keep our Kureig coffee machine(amazing!), and make myself a cup of Donut Shop Blend. For the next 5 minutes, me and Kyle tend to argue over Sportcenter’s Top Ten rankings, and other various “issues” before we start discussing our goals for the day. After I’ve gotten a little socialization out of my system, I head to my office and sit down to work. But before I click on my Firefox to login into my account, I find myself heading to this blog. I read whatever it is you happen to conjure up the previous day, soak it in, then get on with my day.

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