Priorities by Time

My Other Sister – Amber

We joke that my younger sister Amber has all the confidence in the family. She’s only 16, but she knows where she is in life and doesn’t try to meet other people’s standards. I’m proud of her for that. We all are.

Lest you get confused by all this talk of sisters, let me clarify. I have a couple of sisters.

  1. Bri – 19 years old
  2. Amber -16 years old
  3. Karina – 3 years old

I also have a brother; but he’s older, so it’s a whole different story!

Obviously, at twenty-six years old, I’m a lot older than my sisters. Sometimes it feels like I helped raise them. It’s been nice to watch the two older ones grow up. I have to say, I am continuously impressed with how beautiful they both are inside and out. It’s amazing to think that I had something to do with that.

When I was going through high school, my sisters thought I was the bees knees. I knew that. I also knew that at 15-18 years old, it would be easy to get wrapped up in myself, boys, and friends. Over the span of high school, I had several opportunities to pick friends over family. For instance, it wasn’t always cool with my friends that my elementary age sisters came to the football games with me. I didnt’ care. What’s a little inconvenience to myself when it makes a lasting impression for one of them?

Looking back, I realize that I don’t talk to any of the people I hung out with in high school. I DO still talk to my sisters though. For this reason (plus so many others) I’m glad I chose them.

To guard myself from making that mistake and missing those years with them, I was intentional about making time for them. I was intentional to include them in my life.

They needed to know that they mattered more.

There are so many people growing up today that have grown up wondering if anyone cared about them.

It’s surprising what just a few extra minutes of intentional time can do to build up another persons feelings of self-worth. They might start believing in their own self-worth because you believed in them first.

intentional time = investing in another person (i.e. honest conversation, creative projects, hugs, eye contact, playing together, laughing/crying together, putting away distractions, supporting one another in things that matter to them)

Sometimes all you have to do to help someone start believing in their own worth is to be present.

I have an example. I was a thrower in high school and college. When I got to MU, I wasn’t technically good enough to be competing at every meet. I’m small for a thrower. But, my mom came to every meet. It didn’t matter if I got last place, she supported me – just by being there. My mom let me know that I was worth it to her. She let me know that it didn’t matter how I compared to everyone else in the world, she was there to see me do my best on that day in that moment. And that would be enough.

I think it was because she believed in me so much that I have been able to believe in myself. Because I believed in myself, I stayed after it and I got better at throwing. By my senior year, I was placing in the Big XII Conference Meet – right alongside all the big girls. It started with my mom investing in me so that I could invest in myself.

We’re capable of so much more than we think.

Who could you invest in today? Someone is hoping you’ll notice them. Someone is hoping you’ll be present. Someone thinks the world of you.

I hope you give them some time.

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