A Breakfast my Dad Would Approve of…

I Have an Excellent Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I had the blessing of spending it with the man half responsible for all of this. I’m sure he does not regret it even though I constantly… harp on him about eating better, sass him about the lack of phone calls I’ve received, or give him the “Please, stop. You’re embarrassing me!” looks.

What can I say, the man is a saint. ;)

This weekend, I spent time with him, my step-mom Carolynn, and my adopted sister, Karina. My sister is only three and a half and it always amazes me how thorough my dad is when he explains why what she did was wrong and what she should have done differently. Occasionally, during these temper tantrums, I would shoot my dad a look of disbelief – “Wow! Parenting her is really hard sometimes!”

You know what he had the audacity to do back? Laugh! APPARENTLY, I was every bit as challenging as a three year old. Go figure.

It gives me some inside information on why I am the way I am though. Karina (the three year old) walks around the house talking about “making good choices.” Whereas, I the twenty-six year old, walk around my apartment writing about “good choices.” See the connection?

I’ve always worked for acceptance from my dad. To be honest, he’s not an easy critic. He always told me that when I was young he would intentionally NOT gush at the work I presented him if he thought I could have done better. After showing him the freshly vacuumed carpets, he would reply something like “That’s good, Sarah. But, not your best work, is it? Did you try using the attachment on the vacuum cleaner to get the crevices in the carpet by the wood paneling?” You’d think I’d be more of a clean freak with that kind of upbringing. But alas, I am not.

A Breakfast my Dad Would Approve of…

Every once and awhile I feel like I might have done something my dad would approve of… this time it just happened to be my breakfast.

Here’s why I think he would approve:

  1. My dad is a Carnivore. Straight up. No questions asked. He likes his protein.
  2. He’s not into all the froo-froo girly things about breakfast. “Yeah, yeah. Pancakes are nice, and oh! they have blueberries in them. But where’s the sausage? Where are the eggs?”

Well, Dad. Feast your eyes on THIS breakfast sandwich I made the other day….

Honey Seed Sourdough bread, angus roast beef, hickory smoked ham, cracked pepper turkey deli meat, sharp cheddar cheese and TWO over-medium fried eggs.

Zooming in…

Tell me a MAN (with hair on his chest) that would turn a sandwich like that down in the morning!

I added a small glass of milk and the vegetables to compete the meal. If you needed more than 45 grams of carbohdyrate, you could also add a small piece of fruit.

Some of you guys are thinking – THERE’S NO WAY I COULD EAT THAT MUCH IN THE MORNING. If not right now, maybe you should work on it.

This breakfast is why I don’t overeat at night or snack during the day.

I also don’t need to feel guilty about the meat because most of my choices were lean. The only significant amount of saturated fat I added would have been in the cheese and egg. I don’t worry about cholesterol in eggs, because that’s silly (I’ll explain why in a post some day..)

Reconsider your Pilsbury Doughboy Cinnamon Roll, Honey Nut Cheerios, or Jimmy Dean Sausage for breakfast. They do not have your best interests at heart.

Breakfast can be waaaaay more creative and delicious than that.

Bon Appetite!

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