Do You Play?

I’ve got a point to prove. Having fun doesn’t stop when you reach adulthood. 

Situation 1: I went to the pool last week with my sister and we spent most of the time playing. Most of the people our age were laying on the side of the pool getting tan or taking care of little kids. We had no kids, and we needed no rest in the sun. What we needed was to play in the great big pool of water.

So.. while they rested – because I’m sure they were all very tired – we went down slides, dove for hidden pieces (these Pier One decorative acorns, I brought with us from my apartment), raced down the length of a pool (swimming… I wouldn’t dare run – that’s illegal), and checked to see how far we could swim on just one breath (lungs seem to be working). As we walked home, we mentioned how much FUN we had. I wonder if the people laying out had the same conversation?

Situation 2: Kids aren’t playing out in the street anymore. When I was younger, I would leave my house in the morning and be back by suppertime to eat. My mom knew where to find me. I’d be outside – playing. I’m lucky enough to remember growing up this way. You never see kids playing in the street anymore. I think they’re all “house pets” now.

As an grown adult, I continue to play out in the street… with other grown adults. The friends I work out with on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday have not lost their play skills either! After our workouts, we’ll all head out to the street to play catch with the football, wrestle in the yard, or play a game of knockout. We just have fun.

In fact a guy walking his baby in a stroller the other day stopped by and told us “You guys make working out look like fuuuuun!” Ha! That’s because IT IS!

Situation 3: I went to church with my family a few Sundays ago. The church they attend meets in the gymnasium for the contemporary worship service and then a few families stay afterwards to help pick up chairs. Our family stayed behind to help. Somewhere along the process of working, we came upon a football. It wasn’t long before I was running up and down the gym – in my dress (luckily it was longer) – asking for a pass. We stayed for 30 minutes or so, playing football with another family in our church clothes.

And you know what? It was lots of fun. True, my attire might not have been the first thing I would have picked to play football in, but it worked.

The End Result = we all left church a little sweaty, but extremely happy. I’d say that was worth it.

What’s wrong with adults? Have you forgotten how fun it is to play?

I think so.

If you’re a person that dreads workouts, maybe that’s because you see no point to it. Maybe you’ve stopped using your body. In that case, there really wouldn’t be a point to getting in shape. I don’t need much muscle or endurance to sit down at a computer and play games, or type this blog.

But, I would argue, if you’re not using your body, then you’re missing out.

The reason we play is to find joy in life. Something so simple like moving and laughing can make you happier. I’m happy to work out, because then I can play harder. It’s FUN to play.

I think some people have lost sight of that.

Just for fun…

I will include some ridiculous shots of an impromptu wrestling match at a hotel in San Diego. The guy I am wrestling is a friend of mine and I challenged him to a duel. I knew I was going to lose… but I also knew I would have fun doing it. :)

In case any of you were wondering if I won this match…

No. No, I did not. (smile) But, I DID have fun losing.

Now, go find some people to play with!

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