7 Tips for Healthy Eating on The Fourth of July

My family loves the Fourth of July

Every year, my sisters and I get together to make fourth of july outfits/shirts. I’m getting ready to go over there tonight to work on this years, but I thought I would post how cute we looked LAST year. Oooo Aaaah! Cuteness.

This fourth of July, I figured I would hand out a few tips for how to successfully navigate your holiday eating.

Holidays are hard for everyone. Not just you.

Here’s an important thing to realize about holidays though… they happen every year. Over and over again, the same holidays. You know what’s the really special part about holidays? It’s a time where family gets together. Unfortunately, anytime family gets together… it tends to be even better with food.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re planning on making or partaking in a holiday BBQ/smorgasbord tomorrow…

1. Using paper plates? Get small ones.

Research clearly shows that people who choose smaller plates and utensils eat less without even noticing it. The difference can be as substantial as 50% fewer calories consumed, yet everyone reports the same level of fullness and satisfaction. You don’t need to go buy a Chinet platter, try borrowing a plate from the kids table or the dessert tray.

2. Eat slowly. Keep conversation going.

People who eat more slowly eat fewer calories over the course of a meal. BBQs are a perfect opportunity to pace yourself as you mix and mingle with friends and family. The more you’re chatting, the less you’re eating.

3. Eat healthiest foods first.

It’s a simple concept. If you choose healthy foods that are low in calories, you get to eat more. Not to mention, foods like non-starchy vegetables can slow digestion and tend have very few calories. Don’t skip the meat, nuts, and cheese – protein and fat can help you feel full faster.

4. Skip the chips, crackers and bread.

Really guys, not only is this stuff junk; it’s also a dime a dozen. Don’t tell me it’s a special occasion that you bought Ritz crackers. You know what Ritz Crackers taste like? The same as they always taste – after 50 years of the same cracker the mystery should be gone. Not to mention, refined carbohydrates are the worst things you can eat because they offer little satisfaction, loads of calories and dangerous insulin spikes. Don’t waste your calories and carbs on these empty foods – save it for the good stuff!

5. Dessert is an experience, not a filler.

The difference between a large slice of cake and a smaller slice of cake can literally be hundreds of calories. And to reiterate, sugar and refined carbohydrates are the most dangerous foods. Don’t be afraid to enjoy an amazing dessert, but if there’s any course you should keep your portion sizes in check, it’s this one.

6. Think before you drink.

There is a place for alcohol in a healthy lifestyle, but making smart choices can be the difference between losing or gaining weight (not to mention your self-control). One sugary margarita can have 600-800 calories. That means 3 margaritas is more food than you should be consuming in an entire day. Is that really worth it? Stick with water 70% of the time. If you’re wanting to cut back and have fun try wine or beer instead of cocktails and remember to pace yourself.

7. Deserve your feast.

Exercise is the very best way to make sure that you have extra calories. If you’re wanting to splurge later in the day, use your morning when everything’s pretty laid back to exercise. Not to mention 30 minutes of moderate activity has been shown to lower your insulin resistance and improve blood sugar control for the following 24 hours! That’s like magic, folks.

Small tricks can save you hundreds and potentially thousands of wasted calories that you will never notice or miss.

Happy Fourth of July!

Gotta go! I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

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