Stay True to the Plan

This week I am going to do the same things I do most weeks.

I’ll wake up at 6 in the morning, make breakfast, do a little blogging (if you always wonder why it seems like I’m posting about breakfast foods – this would be why…plus I feel bad for how understated breakfast can be in most households), get ready for work, go to work, come home, work out, read or write a little, hang out with friends, go to bed. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I don’t mind my routine. I think a lot of the things I do on an everyday basis matter and deserve to be repeated. It’s important to me that my routine would help me grow by challenging me on a day to day basis.

Writing this blog challenges me. Making breakfast can sometimes be a challenge (depending on what I may or may not have in the fridge…). Educating diabetics can be a challenge. Working out can be a challenge. Maintaining relationships can be a challenge. Reading or writing to understand new ideas and new viewpoints can be a challenge.

But, they are also a blessing.

There’s a blessing about going through a challenge and overcoming obstacles. There’s a blessing in developing values that hold you true to the plan when it seems like everything is crumbling around you. It’s a blessing to have friends and family remind you how much they love you.

If life was supposed to be easy, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t learn much. If we were supposed to avoid suffering entirely, I’m pretty sure we’d end up spoiled and selfish.

It’s for this reason that I’m grateful for the suffering in my life.

Suffering = Tearing down = NEED FOR REBUILDING

Tearing down and rebuilding is so important because you’re not going to rebuild the exact same way you were before. It’s a new kind of rebuilding where you are more aware of the flaws in your plan. You can see those cracks in your foundation because somebody loved you enough to point them out to you. You can rest assured that somebody cared enough to not leave you settled the way that you are – they can see you were meant for better.

Normally, I would not be following my normal routine for this week of the year. Every year the week after the Fourth of July is dedicated to church camp. This year I’m not going though. Unfortunately, I only have so much vacation time with my job and for some reason, God wants me to go to Brazil with that time.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss it, though. It’s a church camp that I’ve grown up going to and it’s a church camp that I’ll continue to support because of how much it’s shaped me as a person.

You know what’s funny about church camp? Sometimes we can go all year long without somebody loving us enough to show us those crucial mistakes in our thinking. Some people go an entire year wondering if anyone loved them. Some people go on forever without realizing they have not been investing in the people around them.

Church camp changes that. Church camp will break you down with love and put you back together again stronger. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by love all year round, but my heart goes out to these kids that wonder if anyone cares. Teens need boundaries in order to feel love. They’re not ready for all of the independence of adult living. I remember a friend of mine from high school saying (in a disappointed tone, mind you), “I intentionally stayed out all night to see if my parents would care. They didn’t.”

Boundaries show people you care enough to keep them from the decisions that would hurt them.

A life devoted to God is full of boundaries, but they’re the right kind of boundaries. They’re the kind of boundaries that keep us from getting distracted from what really matters in this life. They keep us from falling off the plan and creating an atmosphere of pain and suffering all around us – or even worse, an attitude of apathy.

I don’t understand people that say they “don’t care.” How could you not care? It’s the greatest attribute of a human mind. We CARE. If you’re trying not to do that – stop it! I couldn’t think of anything sillier.

The only reason you’re not caring is because you’re afraid you might be disappointed when somebody else cares less. You’re protecting yourself because you’re SCARED. But here’s the beauty of caring: you will get hurt; but if you stay true to the plan, you’re going to rebuild. And whatever you rebuild is going to be stronger and truer to what God had planned for you to become.

Blessings to those in church camp. I wish I were there with you this year.

Stay true to the plan.

One thought on “Stay True to the Plan

  1. trudat grrrl. i deal with this everyday there is a 5 yr old in my house. just b/c the kid throws a fit about the boundaries or hearing the word “no” doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate it later. she will always know who loves her and where is safe when she doesn’t feel quite sure of herself in her adolescent years! thanks for the shout out.

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