Kale, Kale, Kale

Seriously. There is no reason to let kale go to waste in your fridge. 

Today I will show you YET ANOTHER delicious way to use up your leftover kale from last week. This time for BREAKFAST! My favorite meal of the day.

You may not be able to SEE the kale in this picture… but trust me. It’s THERE. It’s inside the folded eggs – otherwise known as an OMELET.

I love omelets because it’s a mixture of my two favorite things: Eggs + Vegetables. How could one go wrong with this combination? Impossibru!

I’m sure many of you have had a spinach omelet. This is similar. Just use kale instead. No need to cook it before hand – you have it already prepared and left over in your fridge from the previous meals. You may even find yourself with just a few scraps. Not really enough for a salad, but the PERFECT amount for a delicious Kale Omelet!

Kale and Mushroom Garden Omelet

Very simple really. I cooked the mushrooms with some oregano, garlic, and grill seasoning. Then I removed them from the pan and set them aside.

Next I mixed the eggs together with a splash of milk. My jewish friend Danielle always yells at me for mixing the cow + the chicken with the egg and milk, but I do it anyways.

Add some oil to the pan, I think I added peanut oil because it can be heated to a really high temperature before it breaks down and starts to smoke. I want these eggs to cook fast! I was in a hurry! So… I put the eggs in and flip it once.

Immediately after flipping it, I add the cheese (A modest amount, people. Use some self control), the kale and mushrooms. Then I flip it over and remove it from heat.

I top it all off with some chopped green bell pepper, green onions, and sliced tomato.

Nom NOm Nom.

And TADA! My kale is finished. All of it in my belly and not only did it feed a dinner party of THREE and then a dinner of TWO, I also got to eat it one last time by myself. I’m not tired of kale at all. You know why? Because I ate it three different ways.

See! I told you I put kale in that omelet. You can see it in this picture. Remember this is the same kale that was drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice from the week before. See how it’s not all mushy? That’s the beauty of kale. It keeps! And the lemon was really quite a nice pairing with the omelet. Not off putting at all. :)

A note to the Diabetics: There are no real carbs in an omelet. So, I paired this meal with a medium peach (15-20 grams of carbohydrate) and a very small bowl of bran cereal (25 grams carbohydrate with milk included). 

Bon Appetite!

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