Growing Up is Hard to Do

Remember when you were little?

What would life be like if you were still like that now? What if you could go next door and ask the closest grown up if they wanted to come out and play? What if you could get in someone else’s bubble, ask them what they were doing, and be instant friends?

The other day I watched my three year old sister make a friend at Wal-Mart. She was waiting in line with us when she noticed a little boy investigating some toy cars while his mom finished paying. She went over to see if she would be interested in the toy cars. She was interested. So, what did she do? She got very close to him and said, “Hi.” Amazingly, he said “Hi” back to her and then they shared the next 3 minutes amicably passing cars back and forth as they shared their common interest.

What would happen if I did that to an adult:? I wonder if they would have the same appreciation for me being up in their business – saying “Hi.”

I don’t think so. I think something happens between the time that we’re kids and the time that we grow up. We stop trusting that the people around us have good intentions. We’ve been burned one too many times. We’re skeptical.

What a shame.

Here’s what happens when you expect the worst out of people…

When another person makes it clear that they think very little of you, is it easy for you to be on your best behavior? Not likely. Chances are, you’ll be so mad at them for thinking that – you’ll act defensive and guarded – which is not your best foot forward.

It’s almost impossible to be your best self when people expect you to be your worst.

Okay. That is not good.

Let’s not do it then. 

Don’t anticipate the worst, because your anticipations could be causing the worst to come out. You could be part of the problem.

Instead, let’s work on focusing on the positive. What if you approached a new person as a possibility for endless good? What if you acted as though you KNEW they were a special person that you couldn’t wait to get to know? By building up their confidence, you might be a reason that they might be able to BECOME that great of a person.

Your perceptions of what they’re capable of doing WILL influence their own perceptions of what they are capable of doing. It’s just a fact. It’ll happen. Look it up. It’s called the “Looking Glass Self.”

Once again, I’ll tell you – DO NOT LET FEAR LEAD YOUR LIFE. Open up and let people be their very best around you. It’s possible.

If my three year old sister can do it, I’m pretty sure you can too!

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