How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Two words. Workout Buddy.

There are so many days when I wouldn’t be motivated to get out of bed and exercise on my own, but if I know I’m meeting friends – I’ll do it every time.

As much as I like working out, sometimes I can fall into the trend of laziness. In order to combat this nasty cycle, I set up workouts with different groups of friends throughout the week. People I like. People I want to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to see. People that look forward to seeing me, too!

Here’s what I have to look forward to each week:

  • Sunday – Lifting with my strongman friends, Ultimate Frisbee with Church Group
  • Monday – Ab workout and run with my friend, Sally
  • Tuesday – Running with my mom and sisters in the morning
  • Wednesday – Lifting with strongman friends
  • Thursday – Run/Bike/Swim by myself OR Ultimate Frisbee at the park
  • Friday – Lifting with strongman friends PLUS Salsa Dancing
  • Saturday – Recreational activities or Rest

You don’t have to do what I do. The point is – all week long I have a carrot dangling in front of me. These workout events are just planned in to my week. If I want to be in the loop with my friends/family, I have to go. It just so happens, while we’re all socializing/bonding while we raise our heart rates and release endorphins to make us happy. Seriously! Can you think of a better group activity?!?!

Okay, Okay. You’re right. Dinner parties with friends and family is right up there with exercising.

SIDENOTE: Sometime in the future, I want to address why this is especially important for females. Womenfolk have this horrible tendency to put everyone else’s needs/wants before their own. In doing this they make a crucial mistake – they put THEIR OWN health and wellness at the very bottom of the list.

It’s a problem. Avoid it. Set something up where if you didn’t go – a friend would be let down or disappointed in you. You’ll go everytime, ladies. Trust me. You hate leaving someone hanging like that. 

My Tuesday Morning Workout Buddies

My mom and sister have been coming over on Tuesday mornings because I don’t have to go in to work until later that day. The deal is that they drive into town, get me out of bed (if I’m not already up and moving around), we’ll all run/walk for 45-60 minutes where we discuss life’s events, and then I make us all breakfast. Tada! A beautiful morning with workout buddies.

They’re going to hate me for posting this picture…

You don’t have to be at the same fitness level to work out together. After all, SOMEONE has to be able to keep the conversation going…

My mom isn’t as good at talking while we run, so that’s my time to fill her in on my life as a distraction to the lack of oxygen she’s experiencing. It’s quality bonding. She basically runs as far as she can with me; and then when she needs a break, we walk. While we walk, she gets her breath back and she’ll start to talk more. I let her talk for awhile until I notice she’s back to a normal heart rate and then I make her start running again. MUAH HAHAHA!

Our Post-Workout Breakfast: Roasted Corn Breakfast Scramble with Fruit

I love experimenting with breakfast. This time, I made some kind of egg scramble with roasted corn, chunks of ham, green onions, cheese and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious.

The omelet actually has some carbohydrates because of the roasted corn, but not enough. Due to the low-carbness, we paired it with strawberries and sliced cantaloupe. That way it was balanced! :)

A full plate view….

The best part… I got to spend some quality time with my peeps.

Haha! Those are my feet. ^ ^ ^

 A perfect ending to a perfect start… 

A Note to the Diabetics: If you’re going to work out in the morning (before breakfast), eat a 15g carbohydrate snack before starting. That way your muscles will have sugar to burn. Otherwise, you’ll cause your liver to start making glucose to feed your muscles – this could cause a high fasting blood sugar before breakfast.

As a general rule, try to workout after meals. It’s better for your blood sugar control.

One thought on “How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

  1. I’ve never had a hard time forcing myself to work out, but I do notice that I actually look forward to it now that I’ve joined my outdoor bootcamp. I get to be outside for a decent amount of time every day, my heart rate goes crazy, I get a great mix of cardio and resistance in a short amount of time, I get some healthy competition, and I meet new friends (and a potential new business opportunity as a dietitian!)

    And that omelet looks awesome.

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