As Promised… Strongman Results

Arkansas Strongman Competition

Sorry, it’s a month late getting posted. My brother had MUCH better videos on his phone than I took on mine. He lives in Buffalo, NY… and I guess mail travels really slow there… ;)

I have video links to some of these on youtube… click on them if you want to see it in action.

Truck Pull :)

130lb Log Press

Car Deadlift ( I didn’t get this one, so I didn’t bother posting a video… this picture is pretty much all that happened)

175lb Keg Carry

185lb Stone Throw

At the end of the day, I was happy to have spent it with good friends doing something fun.

Find something that you like to do for fun.

Thank you, Jeremiah and Abbey. First, for getting in a car for another 8 hours (after you’d driven halfway across the country earlier that week) to come see me compete. And, second, for taking such great videos and pictures for me to share. You guys are awesome!

5 thoughts on “As Promised… Strongman Results

  1. O my hat, you are one beautiful Stronglady ;-)
    You picked up a car!!!! I’ll know who to call if I have a flat tire! You might take a while to get here though…

  2. I’m so proud of you Sarah! This is very inspirational, and although it doesn’t make me want to compete in a strong man, it does make me reconsider what I am able to achieve physically rather than mentally. You’re awesome ;-)

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