Making Room

Sometimes you have to get rid of old stuff to make room for the new. 

It seems like a really easy concept, but it’s not. We only have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in  year, and so many years to be alive. Up to this point, you’ve been filling your time with SOMETHING.

The question is: Have you been filling it with something that matters? Have you been filling it with the things that you wanted to be doing?

A lot of us have habits we’d like to change, but the hard part is making room for new habits to start.

Let’s take an example: A person tells me they “have to start exercising again.”

Well, they’ve been filling their days just fine without exercise – all 24 hours. But, they’re not necessarily aware of that fact. THEY somehow think that if they try really hard they can do all the things that they had been doing PLUS add 30-60 more minutes of exercise into their day.

It doesn’t work like that. Something has to go.

They don’t let go, though. More often than not, they don’t realize that they HAVE TO let go or they’re simply not READY to let go.  They try to incorporate exercise into their life under these handicaps… but all too quickly, they fail.

They fail to make room for new habits. They fail to let go of the old habits holding them back.

How many of us are doing that?

This weekend, I got rid of a lot of my old things to make room for something new.

My sister is moving into my apartment to live with me and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always wanted to live with one of my siblings away from home. I have one extra room in my apartment and I’ll be darned if I didn’t try to fill it up with a bunch of extra stuff.

On my third trip to the dumpster with bags and bags of trash, I was surprised to see how much had accumulated. At the time of purchase, I thought all of these things were important. I thought I needed them.

I didn’t need any of it. Not really.

I realized what I had been holding on to… and none of it is worth more than my little sister moving in to spend a year of quality time together. Life is too short.

The most important things in life are usually what we push to the very bottom of our to-do list. You and I will regret that. 

With my job at the hospital, I have the opportunity to talk to people at the end of their life. You know what they find important? Relationships.

My generation struggles with relationships. We have social media like Facebook that allows us to know what’s going on in each other’s life – but remain apart from it. We’re forgetting how to interact with each other face to face. We’re forgetting to make time for each other.

In case you missed it – the most important thing in life is to love and be loved. It’s hard to show anyone you love them if you won’t make time for them. 

I have things in my life that – even though they might be fun – if something else needs to fill that time, they can go. I have to keep that flexibility. I have to realize that I’m not locked into anything. I choose what I devote my time towards and that can change.

As I clear out my stuff to make room for my little sister, what I’m really saying is, “Over and over, I’ll choose you, Bri. You’ll never have to worry about that. You’re what’s important to me.”

I love her. She should know that. 

What’s important to you? Is that what you’re devoting your time towards?

Is it time to make some room?

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