Day 2: Rio de Janeiro

Well, let me start by saying day two started very late in the morning.

I slept in until 11 today – this is a direct result of staying out until 4am last night. I can explain…

What was I doing until 4am? That’s a good question. Not really a lot of anything, just hanging out with some people I met in Brazil, dancing, and watching little kids rob people (she said casually).

We went to this district called Lapa… and it was a huge learning experience for me. I guess in Brazil they have gangs of kids that will steal from the public. It’s hard to enforce laws here against them because they’re protected. From what the Brazilians tell me, they could literally kill someone in the street and they won’t get anything more than a year in juvenile. Anytime you see a crowd of small people running at you or away from you, it’s a good indication someone just got robbed. They do it in packs so it’s pretty interesting to watch.

Even though it’s really crowded in Lapa, I didn’t feel scared. I was with the “native” Brazilians I met earlier that day. They are unbelievable about noticing danger in crowds and they’ll quickly steer you away from these “suspicious individuals.”

Anyways, I digress. We need to cover what I did today.

My day started with breakfast and I have good news! I am happy to report that the “free breakfast” this hostel provides does in fact include PROTEIN. Very unusual for free breakfasts, they’re usually all cheap carbohydrates. This morning’s breakfast included a lovely ham, cheese, and egg sandwich on some kind of Brazilian bread. The bread was very light and airy – unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It was for this reason that I struggled to guess the carbohydrates, but I gave it my best shot, cause that’s what diabetes educator’s do!

After breakfast I went on a walk with Matt. You readers have not met Matt, yet. Allow me to properly introduce him. Matt is a very polite and intelligent 27 y/o lawyer from England. He went to school at Cambridge and everything! The people you meet. It’s incredible.

We walked from Inpanema to Coco Cabana (or something like that) and enjoyed some coconut water along the way. We also took an interesting picture with a prana, but he has that on his camera – so it will have to come later.


We came back to the hostel so Matt could take a nap and I went swimming in the ocean and had my first futbol lesson from Thiago (I told you about him yesterday…)

Sidenote: The difference between American men and Brazilian men

Brazilian’s are really something different. Thiago asked me how relationships worked in USA and I didn’t know what he meant; but, after he explained it, I understood. Brazilian men are very very possessive. Just the fact that Thiago likes me makes him devoted to my well being. Brazilian men will compete for one woman and are happy to do so. Sometimes Americans will compete for one woman, but then after the chase is done – they seem to dispose of her. You can’t make it too easy for them or they move on to someone else. Brazilian attention does not sway as easily as it does in American men. They don’t want lots of different women. They want one woman.

The other nice thing about Brazilian men is that they’re always mindful of danger or threat to the woman in question. With crime being high, they need to be ready to protect. I think American men come across as spoiled or selfish because there aren’t as many threats to women in the USA. Maybe because there’s a lack of danger in America our men aren’t really acting like men.

I couldn’t really tell you what it is, exactly, that makes them different. But, it’s definitely an experience being pursued by one of them. :) Either way, I’m lucky to have some protection while I’m here in Rio. There are so many people taking care of me and I am very grateful!

More tomorrow!

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