Day 3: Rio de Janeiro

They don’t have many blue eyes here in Brazil… the people at the Hippie Market told me so.

Today I went to the Hippie Market in Ipanema and tried on lots of pretty necklaces and earrings. The Hippie Market is like a craft fair for people in Rio. They have tons of interesting things.

I took a few pictures to show you some of the very NICE souvenirs I picked up for my family…

This purse is going to look great on my sister… I’m sure she will have NO TROUBLE fitting her keys, phone and money in this big guy. Not to mention the fact that reptile skin is very IN STYLE right now. No one’s going to have THIS much skin in one purse though! Pretty sure you’ll be the ONLY one..


Cows used to be my mom’s favorite. She’s grown out of this phase, but that’s probably before she knew she could get a COW HIDE RUG. Maybe this could go in our living room? I don’t know, but it’s very large. This cow must have been a big’n.


For my brother, I thought something practical. He lives in Buffalo, NY and it gets really cold there. Lots of snow. Don’t worry, Jeremiah. I got you covered. Literally. Ain’t no snow getting past these guys. Watch out, though. These are soooo attractive/amazing that your neighbors might try to steal these.


I haven’t decided to whom I’m giving this hat – so I guess it’s up for grabs. I knew it would be perfect for SOMEONE though. So, I went ahead and got it.  I had a hard time convincing her to sell it to me, but no worries. It’s coming home. In fact, I might wear it myself. I think it would add a certain something to my diabetes education classes.


For my littlest sister, I thought she might like a new pet. She’s trying to convince my parents to get a d-o-g. BUUUUT, they’re not so sure about that. You know, fish are MUCH easier to take care of… I’m sure she would like this little guy. So cute and friendly looking. He’s got some friends that want to come, too! I couldn’t say no…


As for the rest of you. I’m not sure what you’ll be getting. These were the only gifts I could carry back with me today. Maybe more tomorrow.

(If you believe I bought all of these things… well… they have a word for people like you…)

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Rio de Janeiro

  1. I can’t wait to see how you bring all of those gifts back on the plane! I think you should wear the hat. I’m sure you will make lots of new friends with that!! ;) I love you girl! I’m happy to see you’re having a good time!!

  2. Hahaha omg that seems like an awesome place!! I wish I was there with you. I wish you would’ve tried on the hat though…that would probably outdo your red cowgirl dress…maybe……

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