Day 4: Rio de Janeiro

I went on a city tour today and got all of my major sight seeing done.

I don’t ever really make a big deal about “tourist attractions” when I go on vacation, but so many of you are going to ask me about it – it’s worth it to get them out of the way. So, I did. Yay!


Before we talk about what happened today – can I please tell you about my exciting night at Casa Rosa? And, some new friends I made at the hostel… If you’re still reading this sentence, I assume the answer is, “Yes! Tell me!”

Ronaldo – the Brazilian dance instructor I hired with a smile.

Last night… I tried traditional Brazilian food and learned to fojo! Fojo is the Brazilian form of salsa. It was fun – I would describe it as similar to salsa, but more bouncy. I didn’t really know how to do it, but I learned. I attribute my fast success to a combination of two things. I already knew how to dance salsa and I had an excellent teacher. His name was Ronaldo. Not only was Ronaldo an excellent dancer, he spoke some English which was very helpful. Ronaldo is also a musician and he wants to sing and play guitar for me later some time this week.

Whaaaat?!?!? We’ll see about that. ;) Don’t worry. I’ll be safe.

Airell and Brenda – Canada’s finest Animal Science Researchers

After getting home from Casa Rosa last night, I was delighted to meet Airell and Brenda. They just moved into my hostel and we were fast friends because of one simple thing – we all speak English! It’s amazing how much a common language can unite people when you’re half way across the world. They’re both really laid back and very nice. Travelling with co-workers is a novel idea… you think about it, Carol. ;) Brenda and Airell are doing it…

Airell plays soccer and we went running this morning on the beach trail. It was lovely. Halfway through we stopped and had some coconut water, and then we ran back in time for me to shower, get dressed, have breakfast and leave for my city tour by 10am. Ummm… perfect.

City Tour Pictures!

Who’s this guy? Jussst kidddding!

Tijuca Forest – Waterfall in the middle of the city – SO AWESOME.

You can hang glide down onto this beach… I might do it later this week. Eee!

Lapa steps are pretty famous.

That’s about it for the pictures. I have other pictures that my friends took, but I’m going to have to wait for them to post them on facebook.

More tomorrow… ;)

One thought on “Day 4: Rio de Janeiro

  1. You are AMAZING!! I love reading about your adventures. :)

    And yes, we will most definitely travel together someday!

    Carol A. Smart

    “Embrace the journey…”

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