Rio de Janeiro: Day 5

My days are pretty much split into “day activities” and “night activities.” 

Let’s start with last night. Dinner with friends and Samba Party? Um… yeah!


From front left to the back and up again: Christian (our Mexican Portugese speaker), Jeff (a American who is also a crucial part of entertainment for the group), Airell (the Canadian Animal Science grad student), me, Brenda (Airell’s co-worker and fellow chicken researcher), and Fred (our very posh English man from Surrey). Some important additions from left to right: Susanna (English girl from Essex – apparently this is enough for Brits to know what sort of girl she is… very forward), Tahira (English school teacher from Pakistan), Guy in the back (I did not get his name, but he’s a very strong looking Brazilian with Tahira who spoke very good English), and Ronaldo (My Fojo dance partner and singer/songwriter/poet from Brazil).

We basically went to dinner and then straight from dinner to a street samba party downtown. It was good; but not much dancing because it was really crowded and the fact that the musicians were not mic’d – so it was a little hard to hear.  A good place to hang out with friends though.

My day activitites…

I went to a favella with my friends, which is basically a slum in Rio. It was very interesting to see and really not as dangerous as I thought it would be. One of our friends knew someone that worked there, so we got a free tour from an “insider.” I don’t have any pictures though. No camera with me for that trip.

After that I DEFINITELY went somewhere that I could take pictures though…

One of my favorite places – the farmers market!!!

I will say – these street vendors are a little different than the vendors in Columbia, MO where I usually go pick up my fresh fruits and vegetables. They approach you and beg you to “taste the fruit of my labor!” Why don’t I ever hear that in Missouri?!?! ;)


Cute bananas (which I now pronouce – bah-nah-naaah), the largest avocados I’ve ever seen, Brazilian pumpkin (sweet), and fresh greens.

Lots of animals you can buy at this market as well. No shortage of food here! These animals are a little less lively than the ones you would find at the pet shop though…

Like I said, the vendors are extremely friendly here. In fact, if you ask them for a picture, they hand you a strawberry and snuggle up for the photo. These other vendors at the bottom both requested to be in the photo. They think I might make them famous! ;) I doubt that. But, it’s worth a shot.

Some kind of root (I’m not sure of the name, but I think I had this at a restaurant. Its like a strange looking potato), Guava, Pineapple (which looks very pale and translucent compared to the kind we have in the USA), and oranges (my absolute favorite fruit).

Overall, the food I’ve eaten at the restaurants here has been very underwhelming, but this farmers market made up for any lack of food elsewhere.

I have noticed Brazilians tend to drink sugar non-stop throughout the day, I wonder how many people have diabetes here…. ;)





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