Rio de Janeiro: Day 8

Hiking with the Monkeys

Today, I achieved a life goal of mine. I saw monkeys. Real ones in their live habitat. It was life changing.

Seriously, though. Today’s hike was beautiful. Here are a few of my pictures…

I tried getting pictures of the monkeys… but they didn’t really turn out because they were really high in the trees. I’m lucky they weren’t directly over me when I was watching them. More than one monkey had to go to the bathroom while they were up there – and I will say I am impressed with the amount of fluid they can hold in their bladder. It was like watching a horse pee or something – not a little monkey. Imagine walking down a trail and then a horse starts peeing from 50 feet above you.

Since I did most of my hiking alone, I took a few silly photos of myself. Hard to get serious when you can see your own face in the camera.

After hiking, I had a lovely lunch at a place in the park. The man that owned the restaurant even gave me a complimentary glass of wine since I knew Paulo (they’ve been friends for forty years or something like that – he’s very popular around here, that Paulo).

Two strange things about that picture above…

  1. Yes, I DID take a picture of their bathroom. I thought it was really cute.
  2. I don’t understand why, but they serve “potato chips” with steak here. We’d never do that in the USA, but it’s very common to have potato chips with fancy dinners here. Go figure. Brazilians are weird about food.

That’s all for now. I’m all dolled up and about to go out dancing again.

Beijos! <– that means kisses in Portuguese! They give a lot of beijos around here.




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