Day 9-10: Rio de Janeiro


I’ve barely had time/opportunity to blog in the past couple of days. I moved from one hostel to another and then once I was here, I had a hard time getting my computer to work. It’s working now, though. And I am writing to you again.

Don’t worry, Mom. I’m alive. ;)

Saturday: Like I said, I moved from one hostel to the next – this was a very long process because of traffic. After 2 hours of sitting in traffic, I finally made it to my new hostel, Books Hostel. This hostel is very unique. (See pictures below)

As you can see, they have an interesting style for decorations here. The people are nice, but a lot of them are chain smokers. For this reason, I haven’t met a whole lot of friends here. I refuse to sit out in the common area and sacrifice my lungs (snob).

Today, I will scope out the area for a new hostel in Santa Teresa – my favorite place in Rio. Right now, I’m in Lapa – which is the “party district” in Rio – so it makes since that everyone would smoke and drink here.

Lapa Market

Anyways, after checking into my hostel, I went to a market in this neighborhood that only happens one day per month. I just happened to be here at the right time. Lots of interesting stuff at this market. Unfortunately, most of it was too big for me to take back with me.

I would have gotten these things for my littlest sister, Karina. She loves the sparkly things – as do I. I suppose you never grow out of that as a girl.

N(o)ice! Right? Too bad I don’t actually live here.

Hmm… I also saw some pretty little things that would BREAK if I brought them home… so, I could not buy them. I love bright colored dishes.

And I have a secret love for retro light fixtures. I do not own my own home yet, so I’ve had no reason to shop for these… but I think they are great. 

Some of the things were just plain ridiculous, like this…

And then, some things were ridiculously cute, like this…

After the fair, I went to a soccer game with my friend, Thiago. Very interesting experience. I think if we played soccer in the USA like they do in Brazil, I would have been very interested in playing it. As it is, our soccer games are quite lame compared to theirs. I have a very funny story about going to the bathroom on the beach – but out of respect for the persons involved, I will not share it on the blog. ;)

After the game, I had my first Brazilian motorcycle ride. It was quite exciting… although probably only the people that have seen motorcycles driving in Rio would fully understand. There are not a lot of driving rules here…

The next day (Sunday) I went to the beach with friends and took this picture for my lifting peeps…

I miss you all!

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