Day 12: Rio de Janeiro

Visiting Finland while in Brazil.

Traveling is weird. Today I was in Rio de Janeiro all day; but because I spent the afternoon with two Finnish lads, I feel like I might have visited Finland instead of Brazil. Instead of hearing strictly Portuguese all day, I heard a lot of Finnish words/sounds. I learned interesting things about stylish Finnish hairstyles and posed with strange Finnish penguins. It was a very Finnish day.

I think that’s one of the beautiful parts about traveling and staying in a hostel. You’re thrown into a new country with lots of other travelers from all over the world. Even though you’re mostly experiencing Brazil, you get tastes and tid bits of other cultures while you’re here.

Thanks to my Finnish friends for showing me a great time in Brazil.

Finland in Brazil Pictures

This is what started the bonding…


They slept in the bunks below me and we had a conversation kinda like this…

Me: I’m moving to a new room. I’m surprised to say it has even more of a male funk than this one…

Them: (looking affronted) are you saying we smell like MEN?!?! 

Me: (nodding)

Them: We’ll have you know it smelled quite girly in here when we arrived… We had to do our best to overcome your.. your…hmm what’s the word? It’s like “girl bacteria” in first grade terms…

Me: cooties? My girl cooties??

Them: yes! That’s it! Before you know it, we’ll be crying over nothing and wondering if we’re pretty!

Me: (serious face) No, I think it might be worse than that…. I think you two might start menstrating.


Me: (with a sympathetic look) right. It can be quite hard your first time. Let me know if you need anything, girls.

After a start like that… you really can’t help but hang out with them the rest of the day.

This was our lunch at Casa Rosa. Very yummy. I think the man that owned it said this was one of his family’s chickens…

That grainy looking stuff on the right is called manioc flour. I’d never had it or heard of it before Brazil. Anyone want to count carbohydrates for this plate???

  • Chicken – none
  • 2/3 C Rice – 30 grams
  • 1/2 C beans – 15 grams
  • 1/2 C manioc flour – 20-30 grams (guessing, it’s very starchy stuff)
  • Potato and Carrot salad – 20 grams

Whew! It’s hard to be a diabetic in Brazil. Let me tell you. They LOOOOVE carbohydrates here.


Posing with the street art. It’s very unique… as you can see.

I told you they had a thing for penguins. They made me pose with this thing all the time!

Of course, they wanted to pose with the penguin as well.

Finally, we stopped at this amazing restaurant and had dessert… Nom nom nom. Tapioca Ice Cream with Acai… and penguin.

That’s all for now! I should finish up my travel blogging tomorrow!






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