My Grown Up Lunch 9/26/12

Well, today is my half birthday … twenty six and a HALF.

Since I am so progressed in my years, I figured I would post a grown up lunch. In twenty six and a HALF years, I would hope I’d have some ideas on what to bring for lunch.

The Menu for My Grown Up Lunch 9/26/12:

  • Chicken Sandwich with Spinach and Cream Cheese
  • Apple (of course)

Before I get into the business of how to make this meal (very easy), I want to admit something. You see where it says “sandwich” up there? Well, really it should say “sandwiches” because I had two. I also had two apples.

I was hungry on my half birthday.

Side Note: Know Yourself

One thing I know about myself is that I’m an “eater.” Some people can sit down to a meal and have very little on their plate and still feel satisfied. Not me. When I sit down to eat, I want to eat a lot.

I’ve been able to work with this by incorporating lots of “healthy eating” into my lifestyle. I want to maintain my current weight instead of gain weight and I want to lead a healthy lifestyle. To do these things I have to keep my calories down and make smart choices. These smart choices that are low in calories and high in nutrients help me to be able to eat bigger portions. Bigger portions make me happy.

Now that we’re all happy, let’s get started…

How to Make Your Grown Up Lunch:

Grown Up Lunch Instructions:

  1. Buy 1 loaf of low calorie bread, 1 container of whipped cream cheese, 1 bag of raw spinach, 1 package of deli chicken, and 1 bag of Jonathan Apples. Your total will be about $15.00 and you can get about 5 meals out of this. If you have a fridge at work, you can keep all the ingredients there. It takes no time to make, and it’s easy to store.
  2. Remove 4 slices of bread from bag and spread cream cheese onto bread in a thin layer. You should use about 2 Tbsp for all four pieces.
  3. Add a HUGE pile of raw spinach.
  4. Top with a few slices of chicken.
  5. Slice apples.
  6. Enjoy Lunch while you work.

Calorie Breakdown

  • 4 Slices of 45 calorie Sara Lee Delightful Bread = 180 calories, 30g carb
  • 2 Tbsp Whipped Cream Cheese Spread = 70 calories, 0g carb
  • 1 C Raw Spinach Leaves = 15 calories, 0 carb
  • 2 ounces (svgs) Deli Chicken Breast = 100 calories, 0 carb
  • 2 Jonathan Apples = 120 calories, 30g carb

The whole meal: 485 calories, 60g carb 

Appropriate…and filling. I’m a happy person.

Filling Lunch

Happy Eating!

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