October Resolutions

Why is January the only time we can make resolutions?

I think October is a nice time.

This October, I have a couple of different experiments/resolutions going…

  1. Paleo for a month – not because I think it’s “healthier” per-say; I’m doing it to build a personal bank of information. For those of you that don’t know, Paleo is a new type of eating that limits food intake to “caveman food.” It’s fairly restrictive: basically only meat, vegetables, oil, nuts, and fruit. No dairy, grains, beans, added sugar, or packaged processed foods. As a dietitian, patients constantly coming to me for nutrition advice – especially on popular fad diets like eating paleo. This month will help me be able to work around their diet restrictions and offer ideas for balanced meals.
  2. Flossing my teeth EVERY DAY for a month. This is one of those annoying tasks that always gets forgotten. I know I need to floss… but do I make it a priority? No. I can’t SEE the particles in between my teeth so they don’t bother me. Well, this is using ignorance as an excuse to do wrong. I know better than that. For that reason, I will use October as a month to develop a new healthy habit. I will become a regular flosser!

Don’t wait until January to set a resolution. Pick any month of the year – perhaps SEVERAL months of the year to practice new healthy habits or a new way of living.

Happy October!

One thought on “October Resolutions

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