Small Person, Big Movement

You’re small.

This is a real picture. The image was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s called The Sombrero Galaxy. A mere 28 million light years away. No big deal.

File:Sombrero Galaxy in infrared light (Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope).jpg

Do you ever stop to think about how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things? How little we are compared to the vastness of the Earth? The galaxy?

And, yet…

We are significant.

The Death of a Parent

This week our family had a close call with death. My step-dad, Kirt (who I love very much), almost lost his dad. I received a call yesterday morning from my mom to tell me “Grandpa has been in a major car accident. He’s being life-flighted to University Hospital. I’m taking your sisters up there now.” I hurried to finish my work and headed up there to be with the people I love.

As I was sitting in the ICU with my mom, we talked about how much we hoped for a good prognosis. It’s so hard to lose a parent. Luckily, I still have all of my parents present and accounted for, but my mom has lost both of her parents. It’s sad at first because you miss them, but she’s comforted in some ways because it feels like they’re with her all the time, now. You’ll never SEE them, but you just FEEL them.

Death is not an ending. I would argue that even though their body has passed, they live on… in us. 

They’re actually ALIVE – inside of us.

Think of the long line of people you come from. You’re a part of them – they are a part of you. It’s inescapable. Their DNA is joined with your DNA and if you couldn’t really leave them if you tried. They’re tied in with you.

I told my mom – it’s like we’re a bunch of stitches. We might feel small, but we’re part of a long line. Our contribution is significant because it means the fabric can continue.

Every once and awhile someone might drop a good stitch for unknown reasons – but we can pick it up and add it to our chain. That’s like my little sister we adopted from Russia. She’s a particularly bright stitch in our chain.

The beauty of marriage is that it can bring two rows of stitches together to make something more significant. As our fabric grows larger, it becomes more beautiful and diverse than it was before.

There’s more going on here than we realize. All of humanity is linked together in one way or another. We’re a part of the same tapestry.

With so many stitches, what makes mine significant?

Even as I realize how small I am in this big world and how my life is only temporary – I know I am important.

I know this because I exist. That simple fact means that God thought of me and continues thinking of me every millisecond of every day. I could not exist if I escaped his mind for an instant.

It’s a gift being here on this Earth. There’s no doubt in my mind that God put me here to make a contribution to this movement he started so long ago. I feel honored to be here.

How can I be anything but grateful? How can I not want to give back in return? How can I not trust that God has my best interests in hand? That he will provide me with everything I would ever need?

He will and He is.

I am faced with the fragility of human life…

I’m reminded that every moment here is a gift. That God can bring us through extraordinary circumstances to continue to survive and serve his people here. Our time is limited, but not without purpose.

YOU are significant.

Don’t forget that.

Love, Sarah

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