Breastfeeding in Mongolia, Kids and “Kid Food,” and Formula for Moms?!

Good Reading, Good Writing, Good Links

Every once and awhile I come across a really well written article and there’s no way I could say it better. Here are a couple of links for moms and people who have moms or know moms. 


If you thought the cover of the Time Magazine was surprising, you haven’t seen anything yet. This article about breastfeeding in Mongolia had me laughing out loud it was so hilarious (and accurate). We’re one of the only cultures that view breasts as sexual objects first and food for babies last. 

Marion Nestle makes some great points about how kids really don’t need “kid food” just because they’re kids. You know what kids eat? They eat what you give them. They don’t have cars. They don’t have credit cards or a job. Kids have always eaten what their parents provide for them. If your kid can’t stop eating junk food, you probably created that monster. 

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen (posted by a bariatric surgeon in Canada who is extremely blunt about food). Let’s get something straight… as a dietitian, I am against formula for moms that can breastfeed. I am against Glucerna for diabetics that can eat. I’m against gatorade for office workers that don’t exercise. AND LASTLY, I’m definitely against a formula drink for breastfeeding mothers. What a ridiculous food. 

I hope you enjoyed the reading. I’m off for a dinner date… Ooo!

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