What’s your Eating Style?

I am an “eater.” You are an “eater.” We are not the same “eater.” 


There are a couple different types of people out there. Today I will elaborate on three classifications (maybe a few more, if you count sub-classifications) of people related to food and eating style/behavior. 

Eaters, Non-Eaters, and Drinkers
Eaters – These are the people that love to eat and they would always prefer eating food to drinking their beverage. They love the textures and work of eating solid food. They like feeling full. They might become depressed if they sit down to a half empty plate or panic if they have to skip a meal. Eating is very important to them.
You can divide this group into three smaller groups…
  • Responsible eaters – These people recognize they like to eat, but they choose healthy things because they are looking ahead to their future. They eat a lot, but it’s usually not a lot of junk food. Instead, they crave “healthy” foods.
  • Lazy eaters – These people will eat a lot of whatever food is put in front of them. They don’t have very high standards. You’d do best to marry a responsible eater because you’re adaptable, but not motivated. 
  • Pleasure eaters – Food is a hobby for you. When all other sources of pleasure in this life are gone, you’ll still be eating because that’s where you find pleasure. Some of you will even choose this behavior over health. Decadent foods seem like they are “your right” to have. 
Non-Eaters – These people are likely to be indifferent about food. They eat because they know they have to, but it is more of an inconvenience than a joy. They are completely fine limiting their portions to smaller quantities. They find very little joy in eating. They are prone to simple eating. It does not bother them to miss a meal. 
Drinkers – These people will nibble at their food, but guzzle their juice, soda, and alcohol. They much prefer to imbibe rather than masticate their meal. They are indifferent to food, but if you ask them to give up flavored beverages or alcohol, they start to panic. 
Which style am I?
One important step in becoming a healthier eater is to recognize which one of these groups you fall into. I know I am an eater and I know I want to maintain a healthy weight. It will depress me to have to cut way back on my portion sizes until I feel as though I am never reaching satiety. 
I’m a Responsible Eater. 
I recognize my situation. I am an eater than loves food, but wants to stay at a healthy weight. In order to achieve these two goals, I have learned to:
  1. Fill in my meals with low calorie foods – like vegetables. 
  2. Drink plenty of water, because I naturally turn to food instead of drink to quench my thirst. 
  3. Exercise self-control through activities like fasting or science experiments to practice saying no to food.
  4. Keep my muscles. With a higher muscle to fat ratio than most women, my metabolism will be able to support more calories at a baseline effort. 
Each strategy is tailored to my specific eating style.
What’s your eating style? 
What does that say about you and what you’ll have to do to be healthy?
Food for thought… (<— Haha! I’m so funny)

One thought on “What’s your Eating Style?

  1. I eat to live. I eat several small high quality (and tasty) meals a day. Like the author of this article, I’m amazed at the apathy in the general population regarding the food they eat. The result? Obesity and eventually disease. I say “no thank you” to that.

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