The Art of Good Gift Giving

My Apologies…

First of all, let me apologize for being absent on the blog. I know this makes it hard for you to trust that I’ll be here for you, but I don’t want you to worry. I’ve never forgotten about you, Reader. You’ve been in the back of my mind for a month. And, I’m happy to be back. 

I’ll catch you up on the highlights of my life:

  1. I applied to grad school for nutrition journalism (Woot woot! Exciting!)
  2. I met a boy. I fell in love. 
  3. I flew halfway across the world to Brazil and Argentina for a trip!
  4. While I was gone, Christmas went on as usual in the United States. 
  5. I got back just in time for New Years Eve with my boo!

Since I missed the “Christmas Festivities” this year, I told my family to not worry about getting me gifts. I’m not really big into gift receiving anyways – not because I’m an ungrateful punk – but, because I feel as though I have everything I need already. 

I’m without want.

The things I don’t buy for myself are things that are too expensive anyways – so, why bother with asking for a gift? 

Well, maybe all of this comes from the fact that I had no idea how important a gift could be…

When I told my dad this idea (that I didn’t need gifts) he rolled his eyes at me and said, “Yeah, but what about the people that WANT to give you a gift?” I thought this was silly at the time. But, yesterday I was at my mom’s house having supper when she said that I had some gifts to open from my brother and his girlfriend. Apparently, they ignored the memo not to buy me anything.

I’m glad they missed the memo. 

It occurred to me as I was opening their gifts that they were both extremely talented gifters. My brother’s girlfriend in particular – because her gift reminded me of something I had forgotten.

She reintroduced me to me. It was impressive. I’ll explain…

This year was a homemade gift giving year for them.

She made me some plates with handwritten messages and drawings from her. There were about 6 plates in the box and each one was hidden with tissue paper. The first two were nice with some simple designs, but then the next two were different from the first two. They had pictures and quotes that related to me and the way she perceives me as a person. Finally, the last two (my favorite) were handwritten with words from my blog. 

Here’s a picture of one of those plates… 


She’s one of my followers. Not only that, she’s probably the only reason my brother remembers I even write a blog. I think he can forget these things on a day to day basis. She must know that, so she messages him in the middle of the day at work to ask if he’s seen my new blog. (Thanks, Abbey!)

What I learned about myself from my present…

As I was sitting on the floor with presents scattered around me, I was surprised to realize that these words on the plate were my own. It’s easy to forget the things you think, write, or say. That’s one reason I think writing is so important for me, because I can re-teach myself lessons I learned in the past, but have since forgotten.

Abbey gave me that gift. She reminded me of the words and lessons I wrote in the past year and it tied the year together. All of those Sarahs going through different things and writing away about what they learned. They spoke to me on the plate. My past self was talking to my present self. 

I can’t say I’ve been true to all of those lessons. I can’t say I remembered everything I’ve gone through or written about. But, I can say it the plates were a very good reminder of those things I had forgotten. 

It shocks me to realize how little I would progress as a person if I continued to forget all of the lessons I had learned in a year. What a scary thought! 

Thank goodness for the gifts, and people, that remind us.

Saying Thank You

So… this year I’m thankful for people that understand the art of good gift giving. 

Also, I want to say thank you for the less obvious gifts in life. Thank you to everyone that has blessed me with a reason to live, love, and learn. Thank you for the time and resources to write it down. And, thank you for being a blog reader and taking time out of your day to go through this mess of a life with me. We’ll learn together. ;)

Here’s my gift to you…

This is a new year. I hope you take some time to remember the lessons you’ve learned and the reasons you are who you are. Do it – you won’t be sorry! 

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas (late) to all of my very special readers!

Love, Sarah

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