“Exercise is not for me.”

Three things that can stop exercise from ever happening…

  1. No end goal
  2. A negative approach
  3. “No time”

#1 No Realistic End Goal

It’s hard to get your body in shape and keep it in shape if you don’t have an end goal that makes you feel good about yourself. End goals can be really useful in getting motivated.

In my opinion, the best part about exercising is being able to use your body for something fun. Instead of asking your body to fit into a swimming suit in the summer time, ask it to surf the ocean or climb a mountain. Ask it to make you some friends playing football or softball on an intermural team. Ask it to propel you down a river in a canoe. Ask it to hike through the forest to take pictures of nature. Ask it to ski down a mountain going as fast as you feel comfortable going (you adrenaline junkies be careful).

Setting hard goals help you realize what you’re capable of doing. I think we’re all good at underacheiving. It’s time to get out of that mindset. What if exercising was about determining what you could do? What if you could prove a point to yourself that you ARE tough and that you ARE trainable?

Remember, the beautiful part about being in shape is having a body that says “All right, let’s do this!” when it really counts.

#2 You Forgot to have Fun…

My mom and I have started swimming three days a week for our upcoming triathalon. The triathalon business was my brother’s idea and it will be a first for both of us. She was a little nervous before we started because she’s never tried lap swimming.

It can be intimidating to feel like you might be “bad” at something. So… don’t worry about being good or bad. Just worry about doing it and having some fun while you’re there.

dory whaleAnyone who has seen “Finding Nemo” might remember when Dory starts to speak whale… I joked with my mom that we would just start speaking whale to each other from across the pool. It’s a ridiculous sounding thing, but you know what? We had fun doing it.

All the sudden, swimming wasn’t about torture. It was about playing around in the pool and that seemed like a whole lot more fun.


#3 You don’t have Time…

This one is very simple. You don’t have time because you don’t make time.

For those of you telling the truth about leading a very busy lifestyle, you might try multitasking. I rarely get to spend time with my mom, so I started multitasking by asking her to exercise with me. That way we get to catch up on each other’s life and get healthy at the same time.

Any of you that are lying to yourself about not having time will know after you read the rest of this blog. Many people are not actually “busy,” but they’re bad about time management.

You might be bad at time management if you find yourself…

  • Watching TV shows … while you “rest.” Resting happens in bed. Not in front of a TV. You’re lying to yourself if you think otherwise. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone that’s 90 and still living the good life.
  • Going out to eat – especially if it’s a sit down restaurant.
  • Surfing the internet – this includes facebook, and surfing the web on your phone.
  • Watching movies – this includes the ridiculous ones  that are full of commercials on TV.
  • Sitting down in waiting rooms, or at your table while you talk on your cell phone. Reminder… cell phones are mobile. Use those long winded conversations to walk your body down the street and back.

I’m not saying you can’t do those things… but you can’t make time to do those things and then tell me that “you don’t have time to exercise.” You do. Exercise is more important than all of those things.

Tough Love.

It might seem like I’m giving you some “Tough Love.” You’d be right. I am. But, it’s the same tough love I give to myself when I’m the one getting lazy.

I’ve got to get tough on myself if I’m going to finish this triathalon my brother signed me up for in May.

Good luck to all of you! Time to get back on the exercise regimen.

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