Broken Pieces

Broken Bowls

I came home late last night.

Due to the late hour and my tiredness, I attempted a feat many would try – to carry in several bags/items from my car to my apartment in one trip. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.

Right outside my car door, one of my bags tore and the contents fell to the ground with a loud shattering. I groaned as I remembered what was in the bag…

My grandma’s bowls.

The beautifully unique retro set of mixing bowls that has been successfully passed down for more than 50 years? Yep, those are the ones that I just broke. Not only broke, but shattered.


Juggling too many things at once.

Trying to do it all by myself.

These are the things that end us up in trouble. I used to have mixing bowls, and now I just have broken pieces. What am I supposed to do with this?

Life can be that way. I have a tendency to overextend myself. I’m young and confident. But, young could be another word for inexperienced and confident could be another word for reckless.

I’m an inexperienced, reckless individual?

The sooner I realize it the better. I need help. I’m so grateful to have people around me that help me sort through life. I’m glad I have people willing to stand by my side when situations get tough and I’m not strong enough to get through it on my own.

I am those broken pieces sometimes.

Here I am, this long line of family genetics culminated into one individual. I have tons of potential; and yet, I still drop the ball. I still shatter into pieces at times.

Good News…

Your broken pieces can be used. I heard a friend talk about how sin in our lives can leave us feeling broken, but we’re not to worry – God is a master mosaic maker. He can take those broken pieces and make something beautiful out of it again. I take comfort in the fact that there is nothing that can’t be scraped up and used for good.

My boyfriend’s family talks about “re-purposing” old family heirlooms. This consists of taking a part of that heirloom and letting it contribute to the beauty of something new. We can do that with our lives.

These pieces may not be a bowl, but they are not useless.

If you have experienced brokenness, you may not be the same; but, you are not useless. Don’t believe that lie.

Believe in the good news – God is capable of “re-purposing” you. You can be made into something beautiful – even if you are constructed out of millions of broken pieces.

God is our master mosaic worker. Let Him work on YOU.

Stop rushing. Stop doubting. Stop trying to have all of the control. You can do this.

Love Always, Sarah

(sorry for dropping the bowls, mama)

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