Knowing your Readers

I’ve learned something.


My readers are my friends. You are the people I write to every time I sit down to the computer. As a blog writer, it’s important to my success as a blogger that I share with you and feel like we’re in a “relationship.” I like to feel your presence and know you’re there on the other side of the computer screen, reading the message I left for you.

I don’t know if writing is this intimate for everyone, but it is for me.

You are my people and I am your writer.

So… Let me update you on my life. :)

  • Saying goodbye, saying hello – People are bound to move in and out of your life.There will always be something pulling us together or breaking us apart. Even with this tendency, every once and awhile you find a “forever friend.” I was lucky to meet a new forever friend/family this past winter. In December, I met Adam, my amazing boyfriend. He’s going to be one of my “forevers.” Despite any uncertainty, I know I will be a part of his life and he will be a part of mine. He recently moved back to the East Coast to start a great career in Baltimore. I miss him so much; but, I know saying goodbye is temporary. He can’t keep away from me, just like I can’t keep away from him. We’re coming back to each other. It’s easy to take these people for granted. I encourage you to think about them. Who are your forever friends?
  • Change is difficult – Change is difficult for everyone, but I’m lucky in the fact that I’m young. I adapt easier than I think I’ll be able to adapt because my habits are so fresh. For people 50+, change can seem almost impossible. But, it’s not. Change is possible for all of us – it just takes a little more momentum to shift us onto a new path. My dad put it to me this way, he said “Sarah, it’s like this. When YOU change it’s like going on a 20 hour car ride and remembering you forgot something  20 minutes into the ride. It’s easy to turn back and get it. But, for ME to change, it’s like we’ve been on the road for 15 hours – we’re almost there – and then you say, ‘Oh! Dad! Turn around, we forgot something.’ A little harder.” I don’t think I appreciated how difficult change could be for older people. Wherever you are, change is hard. I’m looking at a lot of change in the next few years. I might be going to journalism school. I might be getting married. I might be starting a new career. I might be having kids. All of these things are terrifying, but I know I can do them. Sometimes you just have to put your head down, believe in yourself, and go for it. We can do it together. What have you stopped believing you were capable of doing?
  • Appreciate the differences – I recently watched part of a video series on personality types base on “enneagrams.” Through this experience, I learned that I am a very different personality from my boyfriend. Some of the things that drive me crazy about him are based on the fact that he’s a “Performer” personality type. I get frustrated because I see how much money goes into his wardrobe. I might think he’s a snob; but to him – he’s not a snob, he’s just into fashion. I realized after watching the video that his outfits are another way he enjoys “performing.” It’s not a statement that he’s better than you. He’s performing for you. This was a big step in helping me grow as a person. I only watched a couple of the videos on enneagrams, but I’m excited to learn more. Especially, if it helps me understand who you are and what works to motivate you.  Who could you be misunderstanding?

So… those are my updates, along with some things for you to think about. Remember, we’re part of a reader/writer relationship. We can help each other. Let’s meet back here later this week. Okay?

Before we go, I’ll leave you with something that was particularly helpful to me this past month.

My best friend (a forever friend) sent me a birthday card with this inscription,

“God doesn’t give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need, to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to make you the person you were meant to be.”


Have a great Tuesday.

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