Am I Beautiful? Yes.

Yesterday, I thought I might not be beautiful.

Am I fat?

I asked my boyfriend if I looked fat. He said, “No, you’re beautiful.”

Really, I knew that I wasn’t “fat.” I’ve been the same weight +/- 10 pounds since I was 15 years old. Why would I pick yesterday to call myself “fat?”

We can all be our worst critic sometimes. I can sit and nit pick all day long on myself – but when you ask me to give a report on someone else, of course I think they are beautiful! Why can’t I remember that I am beautiful, too?

Fortunately, I was set straight by a great marketing campaign for Dove Beauty Products.

We are more beautiful than we think.

Watch this… it’s real crazy…

There is a disconnect in what we perceive in ourselves and in what others perceive of us. I think this is due to the comparison game. When I see someone with a beautiful nose, I look at my own nose and wonder – why can’t my nose be like HER nose? Her nose is beautiful. It can be disheartening when we look in the mirror and see something different.

But here’s the BEAUTIFUL truth: We ARE ALL BEAUTIFULLY different.

Our differences are beautiful. Do something for me… try to embrace the way that you look. For too many years, poor self esteem has been used to “motivate” people to eat better or exercise more.

You are beautiful already.

If you’re not currently eating right and exercising, don’t do it on account of the fact that you think the world doesn’t find you beautiful.

You ARE beautiful already.

Instead of starting healthy behaviors because you feel unattractive, change your mindset. Act differently because you care about the person staring back in the mirror. That person matters today and tomorrow. If you don’t take care of him/her today, you could lose out on him/her being there for you tomorrow. We take care of the things that are valuable.

You are valuable.

Take care of yourself, beautiful reader.

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