My Favorite Writers…

Every writer needs to read.

It’s part of how I get inspired. Before I ever dreamed of writing, I read… and read… and read. It’s amazing what you can learn when other people are willing to teach/write.

google reader RIP

Sadly, one of the ways I kept up with my favorite writers was through “Google Reader.” This is being discontinued soon, so I thought it made sense to make a list of my favorites and share them with you. These are pretty legit people and I wish I was their friend instead of their reader, but they’re probably a bit to famous for that by now.

” Sorry, my blog is TOO successful. No longer looking for friends. Full.”

In another world, they would be my friends.

But, regardless, they’re people I really admire and look up to. They’re also people I learn from. You can learn from them, too.

  1. Joy the Baker – Joy is about to celebrate her 32nd birthday and she wrote a list of things to continue seeking in her life. (^I linked to it. It’s really good. You should read it.) I love reading her blog because she is keeps it real, while still managing to be hilarious and insightful. I’ve also rarely seen food that looks quite as cute as hers. Very, very cute food.
  2. Don Miller “Storyline” – I’ve been reading Don Miller’s blog for about 4 years now. He has really good insight into people, God, and a plethora of his own emotions. When I first started reading it, he was always the writer. Now, I think he is more popular and he lets his friends guest write for him. Occasionally, he’ll still write.  I’ll warn you, sometimes he’s a bit of a jerk. But, he admits it often enough that it’s not as offensive. I think he’s genuinely in the pursuit of bettering himself and the world, so I do enjoy reading his blog.
  3. Weighty Matters – This blog is written by an actual bariatric physician. I know his life has to be very busy, but I appreciate that he takes time out of his day to share some of his knowledge with the world. Yoni Freedhoff writes on weight loss marketing, nutrition labeling, and ridiculous health claims. He’s a good blog to read if you’re wanting to sort through some nutrition propaganda floating around in your head. This particular blog (linked above) is about how MONSTER FRUIT IS TAKING OVER THE SUPERMARKET. Yikes. That’s a real big pear, folks.
  4. Summer Tomato – Fridays are my favorite day to read “Summer Tomato.” The blog is written by Darya Pinyo, a PhD in neuroscience, that writes on basic nutrition and science related topics. On Fridays, however, she gives links to her favorite articles from the week. They’re usually really interesting reads and she always gives you her opinion on them as well. She’s really smart, so it’d be a good idea to check out her site.

I have more favorites, but you don’t have time to be on the computer all day!! Start with these and I’ll give you some more to read before Google Reader closes forever on July 1st…. (sad face)

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