Healthy Restaurant: Edible Flower Salad

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re eating out… unless you go to the right places.

A good clue that you’ve found somewhere health conscious – when you find edible flowers on the menu.

Vitality Cafe

Organizations that celebrate healthy eating or your body can be great eating experiences. Not to mention they can help  you expand your horizons on eating.

Today I ate at the healthiest restaurant in Jefferson City – Vitality Cafe.

I’m never disappointed when I visit them. The owners are great and make you feel like you’re at home in their restaurant. I was excited to try the “Live Thai Collard Wraps” with collard greens, pineapple, cashew sauce, mint, and cilantro…. AND the “Fresh Beet Ravioli” which was basically two slices of beets with a cheese type mixture in between. The beet ravioli was served with a side salad – including greens, shredded carrots, green onion, shredded beets, radishes, and fresh FLOWERS. I think I ate rose petals and lilac blooms. It was great.

edible flower salad

I’m always telling people you can eat flowers, but they never believe me. (Boyfriend included.)

Restaurants can be an opportunity to try new things.

If you’re not sure what the possibilities are for butternut squash or beets then you might be able to try a dish with these at your healthy eating establishment. This way, you can gain not only food for your belly, but also knowledge on how to take care of yourself better at home.

Take some interest in healthy eating establishments in your area.

It may cost more when the check comes; but trust me, you’ll be investing wisely.

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