An Unexpected Death

Urgent Care
Me: One of my favorite patients died this weekend. No promises for tomorrow. I love you.
Adam: I’m sorry to hear that.

[end of conversation]

A very normal and appropriate response…I didn’t write anything back. But you know what I wanted to write back?
You’re Missing the Point
It’s not about me or my pain for experiencing someone’s death.
It’s about all of us.
It’s about living your life like it’s worth living.
It’s about not sweating the small stuff.
It’s about working hard to keep things in perspective.
It’s about NOT taking time and people you love for granted…
because death is a part of this reality…
and time is an illusion.
You see, I just talked to this patient last week. And you know what? As far as her diabetes was concerned, she was doing everything right. Everything.
But, it wasn’t good enough to save her.
Sometimes we stress and stress and stress about the WAY WE LOOK, or OUR WEIGHT, or WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK – and you know what it all comes down to? The good stuff in between the bad. The lessons we learn. Sharing love with the people around us. Making the world a better place.
Concept: Primary Food vs Secondary Food
Primary food: Things in your life that help you feel alive. They’re your relationships with God, interactions with your family, the contribution you make at work, the fun you have on vacation. Essentially, they are the things that help make the world a better place.
Secondary food: Resources or capital you use to get primary goals accomplished. This is your diet, health, finances. They are NOT what your life is about. They support your life so that you can actually HAVE one.
Dietitians are not trying to “Ruin your life.”
I don’t care how you look, what you weigh, or what other people might be thinking. I care about whether you’re living the kind of life you want to be living. I care about whether the way you’re eating is keeping you from that goal or allowing you to live extraordinarily.
Staying on Track
It’s too easy to get off track and forget that we are extraordinary people with extraordinary abilities. You cannot allow this to happen. We (me + the world) don’t want to miss out on what you have to offer.
I want you to realize how great you are.
I want you to stop wishing you were different.
I want you to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
I want you to stop thinking you’re the only one with problems.
I want you to stop judging other people.
I want you to stop waiting for someone else to do what you were destined to do for yourself.
I want you to invest in someone else’s life.
I want you to give back and realize much better that feels than taking.
I want you to realize how much better it feels to forgive than hold a grudge.
I want you to open your eyes to what’s real and stop trying to stay in your fantasy land.
You’re wasting too much time on all the wrong things.
You might not think you have as much time as you think.

One thought on “An Unexpected Death

  1. How appropriate this was for me today, as I learned this morning of the death of my only brother who was 5 years younger than I am. Thank you. Love, peace and joy, Almira

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