Halloween Pumpkin WORKOUT!

“Sorry, I’ve got to go home and do my pumpkin workout….”

Pumpkins in Fall

Who says you need a bunch of fancy workout equipment to get strong? I say you just need some squash!

I was trying to figure out how I would incorporate pumpkins into an exercise blog… when I realized that pumpkins are heavy… and spherical… and all different sizes. Hmm… Maybe I could make a whole workout around using pumpkins…

So, I did.

It’s the official unveiling of the Pumpkin Workout!

Your Equipment: YOU + 4 Different Sized Pumpkins



  1. V-up Holds with side to side PUMPKIN twist: Sit on the floor and bring your legs and torso together until you are balancing on your bottom. While balancing, take a pumpkin in your hands and twist from side to side. Tap the ground (gently) with the pumpkin on each side. 10 taps on each side, 3x. Pumpkin Workout
  2. Hold the PUMPKIN Lunges: While holding a medium pumpkin to your torso in a standing position, raise one foot and make a “giant step” forward. Your knee should bend and your thigh should be parallel to the ground. You are lunging forward. Now, carefully bring the leg back in and switch to the other side. Do 10 reps on each side, 3x. Pumpkin lunge
  3. BIG PUMPKIN Squat: Pick up a larger pumpkin (carefully – use your legs, not your back) and hold it tightly to your chest or abdomen. While holding the pumpkin to your torso, squat to a parallel position with your thighs and the ground. If you’re not ready to go parallel, try a smaller pumpkin. When you are at the bottom of this movement, your knees SHOULD NOT be over your toes. Imagine sitting back onto the toilet. You have to get back there, otherwise  you would be squatting to pee on the toilet seat. (I know it’s gross – but this is how a lot of great coaches teach it and I think it gets the point across). Do three sets of 10 squats.
    Pumpkin squat
  4. PUMPKIN Overhead V-Ups: Pick a small/medium pumpkin and stretch out on the floor with the pumpkin in your hands over your head. Bring the pumpkin and your feet up at the same time and touch in the middle. You should be balancing on your bottom again at the top of the movement. Do 5 touches, 3x. Pumpkin workout
  5. PUMPKIN Press: Have a partner help you with this one. While lying on the ground, facing the ceiling with your arms up, have your partner hand you a large pumpkin. Balance the pumpkin on your hands (it should have a flat side) and lower it to your chest slowly. Once you are almost touching your chest, press the pumpkin back up towards your partner in a slow controlled movement. Press the pumpkin 10 times, 3 reps. Pumpkin Workout
  6. Overhead PUMPKIN Triceps: Take a small/medium pumpkin WITH A STEM and raise over your head. Keeping your upper arms locked in place, lower the pumpkin down to  your upper back. Then extend the pumpkin back up to the ceiling. Remember, do not move your upper arms, bend at the elbow. Do 10 pumpkin triceps, 3x. Pumpkin tricepsNo problem. Pumpkin gyms are easy and cheap to supply. Afterwards, you can have a pumpkin snack.

Happy Halloween!

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