The Sarah Experiment

My All-time Favorite Movie: A League of Their Own

ALeagueOfTheirownI watched this movie with my mom and my sister the other day. I still love it. How many movies can you watch a hundred times and consistently still fall in love with the characters and the story behind it? If you haven’t seen this movie, then I would highly recommend it.

The story is about change. It’s about female empowerment. It’s about leaving home to start your own chapter in life apart from your family, making new friends, and playing a game that’s hard. And they play it day, after day, after day. They get beat up; but they do it because they LOVE it.

I like this story because I want it to be MY story. That’s why I love the movie so much.

My Story: Getting Back on Track

Every once and awhile, I find that my life and my focus gets off track. It happens so gradually that sometimes I don’t notice it. Luckily, I have people in my life that love me and help me get back on track when I stray too far away.

The correction. Once you realize you’ve deviated from the course, there’s some uncomfortable change that has to happen to get BACK on track again.

Initially, correcting the course can feel uncomfortable. For instance, it’s uncomfortable to me that I’m leaving for Philly today. It’s uncomfortable that I will never work with my co-workers again. It’s uncomfortable to me that I’m moving from a place where I recognize everything to a place where I will recognize nothing.

But, I know I won’t be uncomfortable forever. It’s just a stage. How do I get through the stage? How do I get back on course? Back to being me?

Fun Solutions to Life’s Problems

I was talking to my sister (a psychology major) when she suggested that I make “getting back on track” into a game instead of a chore. She suggested I call it “The Sarah Experiment.”

It’s hard to resist this suggestion when it’s my own wisdom coming back to me several years later. This idea is something we (me and my younger sisters) would do when we were little. If we were going to do something scary – we’d make it into a game. If we were going to do something “boring,” we’d find a way to make it fun. It didn’t happen naturally. We were intentional about it.

For instance, we might have a bad attitude about doing something like dishes. Why can’t dishes be fun? It can be. Instead of seeing it as a chore, we would pretend that we were playing a fun game with a HUGE bowl of soap and water. The objective is to get every dish looking great, and you can do it in whatever fashion you like. Boom. Instantly happier while doing dishes.

It was our attitudes holding us back from enjoying life- not the actual work.

I’m about to undergo an potentially scary part of my life. But you know, it won’t be as scary if I’m just playing a game. It’s all about the attitude.

Anything can be fun if you approach it in the right way.

“The Sarah Experiment” Basic Rules for the Game

So, here’s the basic premise.. each day I will set a goal to do something new, experience something new, or meet someone new. Some of it may be serious. Some of it will be silly. Some days it may be delicious. But regardless of how it goes, I am to write about it.

So… you’ll get to see how the game is going.

But no matter what happens, I can’t give up on the game.

My attitude change

So,  I’ll look at today differently. This isn’t the day when my life becomes uncomfortable. This is my first day of a new adventure.

I’m starting an exciting new job. I’ll make new friends. Build a new home. But in order to do these things, I can’t just go halfway. I have to participate in my own life. EVERY. DAY. I might be rejected sometimes, but I’m going to have to get back up and try again the next day. I might be scared of a big city, but I’m going to have to go out and try to make friends anyways.

I can do this because I love playing games. And, when I start thinking that “it’s just getting too hard,” I’ll remember the advice from my favorite movie…

league of there own quoteAny game worth playing can’t be without challenges. Otherwise, winning wouldn’t be NEARLY as fun. ;)

Game on!

3 thoughts on “The Sarah Experiment

  1. Sending love and best wishes for your new game. You know you have a lot of prayers on your side and many blessings from God and Family and all who love you. You have a lot of people to bat ideas off of and that also makes this game more fun. Game on !!!!!

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