Philly: How to Make Friends

My first weekend LIVING in Philly


So, I live here now… but it doesn’t feel like I live here. It feels like I’m visiting. I think when I start work tomorrow it might start to feel more real.

Here’s an update on “The Sarah Experiment.”

Day 1: Arriving in the city…

Yesterday, I arrived at around 5pm. I was very grateful that my one friend from Philly was able to hang out for the evening – no loneliness for my first night! WooHoo!

My plan was to go to have dinner and then go to a really spooky haunted house.

  1. Dinner was easy. We found a really great sushi place, by chance. I wish I would have taken a picture of the food, but I forgot. :-/
  2. Haunted house was not easy. We had the hardest time finding it and then by the time we got there, it was all sold out. So.. we went all the way across town to a different haunted house that turned out to be “kind of cheesy.” Too bad.

It was really nice to be able to relax my first night there with someone familiar.

Day 2: No convenient friends… make your own.

I thought I might have trouble making new friends, but it turns out – I’m better than I thought. It’s day number two and I ready made one! I’ll tell you how it happened so that you can do the same thing when you move to a big city full of people with “mean mugs” on their faces.

How to make friends in a big city:

  1. Go somewhere where there are lots of people out in the open.
  2. Look for someone doing something unusual.
  3. Approach them.
  4. Make a positive comment regarding their unusual activity.
  5. Introduce yourself. Shake hands. Smile.
  6. Ask if you can try it.
  7. Explain you’re new in town. Develop sympathy and interest.
  8. Get contact information.

Instant friend.

Even if this goes badly, let’s face it. The worst thing they can do is reject you. And, that’s no problem at all because you’re in a city with MILLIONS of other people to friend. I told myself this as I considered whether or not I should approach him.

“What do you have to lose, Sarah? If it goes badly, you’ll probably never see him again. Just play the game.”

So, I did. And as a result, I learned how to “slackline!” It’s like tight-rope walking, but more earthy. Pretty fun (and unusual). Plus, I have a new friend.


I tried a similar approach here… but they totally rejected me. Too busy doing their own thing, I guess…

Pigeons in a row

You can’t win them all. ;)

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