A Car Wreck and Answered Prayers

A Car Wreck…

car accident

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am working on becoming a better driver. After my car rolled down a hill into a tree last spring and another car accident one week later, I pretty much swore off driving. For four months I was either riding with another driver, taking the train, or riding on my bicycle.

This August, I decided enough time had gone by to learn my lesson. I bought a new car and in an effort to lower my insurance payment, I applied for a “SnapShot” Device to monitor my driving skills for the next 6 months.

Since then, my driving has improved dramatically. Every time I break aggressively, the SnapShot device tells me by emitting a BEEP! I hate getting BEEPS because it adds money back to my car insurance bill. Paying more money than necessary on my car insurance takes the joy out of all the hard breaking for me.

All of this is to inform you that while I have a bad driving record, for the first time in my life, I would consider myself to be a “good driver.” No more aggressive race car driving. I am a senior citizen now. I’m not in a hurry. I sometimes slow down at GREEN lights, just in case it were to turn yellow.

Well, this MUCH IMPROVED driver got into a car accident on my first week in town. It wasn’t my fault (thankfully), but still. What are the chances? The East Coast driver informed me this was their first offense, ever. I think that was supposed to make me feel better, but I think it had the opposite effect. Anyways, no harm done. It will be fixed eventually and paid for by the woman’s insurance. They already called me to assure me I was not at fault and they’re going to get it all taken care of.

Despite my amazing skills handling the disaster of having my car run into… I found myself overwhelmed. I am a girl and for this reason, I started to cry. (<– very in touch with my feelings ;)

Answered Prayers…

I was crying because in Missouri I would have been able to call someone to rescue me. There are no rescuers here. I was also crying because I sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the newness around me. Nothing is familiar. I’m setting off on a new path – that is 90% exciting, but 10% intimidating.

As I was driving, tears started coming down my face. It was too much. I asked God a question, “If I asked you to help me, would you help?” In the midst of this prayer I realized that I was driving to an unknown destination. I was trying to find the public library – driving aimlessly wouldn’t help me, I needed to pull off and put it in my GPS. So, I pulled off the main street onto a side street and LO AND BEHOLD, I was facing the library. I smirked at God and said a brief thank you. Now that I had arrived at my destination, my mind returned to the fact that I am totally unsupported out here. As that thought ran across my mind, Adam (the only person I know really well in a 100 mile radius) casually walks across the sidewalk and into the library.

Adam does not frequent libraries. In fact, there would typically be no way to run into him during the day because he’s always working. Not only is he working, he works 20 minutes away from this location.

But, at that particular moment I pulled into the library (a location that was a mystery to me before that moment), Adam was delivering pretzels to voters for election day. He was only stopping by for a few minutes, and then it was off to the next poll site.

I consider it either an answered prayer or a very twisted sense of humor from God. I’m going to go with the first answer.

And, to think it all started with a simple question… “God, if I asked you for help, would you help me?”

The answer, this time, was “Well, of course I would!”

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