God’s New Home for Me

Well, it worked. God is good.


I moved out of my friends house (a temporary residence) last Monday to move into my new home for the next 1-2 months! I know some of you thought I was crazy, but it worked just like God told me it would work. I found a great host family!!

Background Story: Why Choose Homelessness?

Easy. Moving from Missouri to Pennsylvania is not simple. I didn’t have the luxury of taking a week vacation to come sort things out up here before starting my new job. With no place to move into, it really wasn’t feasible to bring all of my belongings and furniture with me on my initial trip.

In lieu of a plan, I decided to trust God and arrive homeless with intentions to stay with a friend while I looked for a host family to move in with for the next few months. The proposed deal was a free bedroom in exchange for cooking dinner and/or breakfast for the family during the week.

This set-up gives me time to get familiar with the area and figure out where I want to live. It also allows me some financial freedom to allow me time to get my private practice started.

Pretty ideal set-up, if you ask me.

SIDE NOTE: Honestly, my new host family probably wouldn’t even REQUIRE me to make dinner and breakfast because they’re just really nice/good people. But, I will cook for them anyways because I love feeding people around me. It’s my favorite.

Things are going really well.

I was talking to my new pastor the other day about this experience and I noted an unusual blessing inside my current situation. Moving to Philadelphia without a place to stay long term made me very aware of my need. God told me he would take care of me, but I had to trust Him to fill my need and let go of my imaginary “control.”

Every time I have agreed, God has taken care of me. This time. Every time.

Realizing you’re “in need” or putting yourself “in need” is the tricky part…

As American’s we’re prone to a idea that we can fill all of our own needs. Or, if we can’t fill them personally, more money works, too.

Several people would feel very uncomfortable moving to a new place with no solid plan on where to live or how to make money. These are the people that have a plan, a backup plan, and an emergency plan for all of their life events. These are the people that feel uncomfortable or reluctant to ask someone else for help. Pretending to be in control of every aspect of our life is dangerous and self-centered. (I’m guilty of this too).

Since when are we the alpha and the omega? We’re not.

When I recognized this tendency, I decided it would actually benefit me more to intentionally put myself in situations where I am not in control. These are the situations in my life when I see God shine through in really big ways. It’s almost as if I am in the way; and when I get out of the way, God is there.

He was there all along.

Unfortunately, several things can “block” us from God’s presence in our life:

  • Fear – It’s scary to let go of control and not try to grab it back.
  • Pride – It’s hard to acknowledge that I have both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unawareness – I’m not always aware of my gifts to give and need for gifts from others.
  • Frustration – It’s frustrating that some of my traits help lift others up and some traits tear people down.

I’m a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

Connecting with the other people around you and acknowledging them for their strengths and weaknesses can help build you up. My weakness may be another persons strength. We’re not meant to stand alone. Just like being on a track team. The long jumper isn’t required to be a thrower. The thrower isn’t required to run a mile.

We’re all different. We’re all in need.

Can you accept that? Can  you acknowledge your weaknesses and allow someone else to HELP you? It’s my prayer that  you would.

I love you, reader. God asked me to do it, and I accept this responsibility willingly (you are so loveable, after all). Love is part of the reason I write to you. But, I’m not the only one He’s asking. He’s asking you to love, too. Love yourself and the people around you.

We all need to work together.

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