Job Opportunities, New Friends, and Sore Muscles

Job Opportunities…

st chris

Sometimes, you’re busy at home doing laundry and cleaning when an opportunity knocks on your door… or pops in your inbox. Imagine my surprise when I opened this email…

Dear Ms. Burbee,

Our HR has informed me about your interest in our RD/CDE position. By reviewing your resume, it is clear to me you are an excellent candidate, so I would love to arrange an interview.

However, our current position is a 0.6 FTE, thus I am not sure you would still be interested.

 Please, let me know.

Best regards,

(Signed – Head Endocrinologist of a Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia)

Never before has the “head Endocrinologist of a well-established diabetes clinic” contacted me for a job interview. I haven’t even talked to HR. They left a message for me at my old work phone, but by the time I found out about it, the message was a week old. I called back and left a message for the HR employee explaining the confusion. I never heard from the HR person again – and yet, look! An email from the boss-man, himself.

Of course, I replied immediately and interviewed this week. My interview schedule was long – three different groups in the same day (they gave me an itinerary!), but I think it went really well. Plus, it’s the perfect compliment to my current job (0.4 FTE at Abington Hospital).

I’ve always wanted to work at a pediatric hospital for diabetes management, but those jobs are hard to get. Maybe it’s not as far beyond my reach as I thought. Time will tell.

(fingers crossed)

New Friends…

The Opera

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to find a good church and get connected. If I didn’t have a relationship with my current pastor, I wouldn’t know nearly as many people as I do.

This week I attended a young adult small group. While the initial grilling of questions was a little unnerving, by the end of the hour, I felt like they were my old friends.

They were also the first people I told my real story about why I was in Philadelphia. Everyone asks about it. The answer takes some faith to give and some faith to receive. I’m here because this is where God asked me to be. I don’t know much more than that, to be honest.

Bonus… after meeting my new friends, I decided to invite one of them to the opera. I’ve never been. Plus, it qualifies as a trying something new and exciting. I figured it would be “new” at the very least.

Guess what? I absolutely loved it.

Sore Muscles…


Some of you know that my sister challenged me to do something new (or meet someone new) each day for my first month out here. As part of my “something new” I decided to try a nearby crossfit gym. Initially, I was terrified. I haven’t worked out in so long, and I knew they would be competitive and tough.

Luckily, I met a really nice girl that worked as my partner and got through the workout.

Since that day, I have had trouble shifting my car into first gear – due purely to soreness in my arms. Literally, every part of my arm feels like it’s rebuilding. If you’re not familiar with soreness – Check out this blog.

I really messed them up. Oh well! They’ll rebuild. That’s part of the beauty.

In Summary:

  • I’m trying new things.
  • My week is going well.
  • I hope your week is going well, too.

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