Coca Cola Breaking into Schools

Well, folks. They just don’t know how to take a hint.

Coca Cola

The second we have Michelle Obama successfully pushing soda industry out of our schools, Coca Cola devises a new product to try to get back into schools. It’s called Coca Cola Pro. Designed to push the milk industry aside, Coca Cola Pro offers a milk-substitute fountain beverage with added protein (7g), Vitamin D, and Calcium. Of course, along with those minor adjustments come the ridiculously high amounts of sugar that we love and know to be associated with Coca Cola Classic.

“Children require extra attention for their nutritional needs. To that end we’ve designed Coca Cola Pro. Fortified with 8 grams of protein, 25% of their daily recommended value of calcium and 45% of their daily recommended value of vitamin D, Coca Cola Pro can help to ensure that your children grow up with strong bones and helps them to build the lean tissue important for their metabolisms.”

So, what’s your opinion? Should we be skipping the low fat milk options and give the no fat Coca Cola Pro?

Well, luckily, Coca Cola Pro doesn’t really exist…

BUT… something equally ridiculous IS pushed on our American children everyday. It’s called Chocolate Milk.

We’re not talking about the kind of chocolate milk that comes from your grandma’s house. We’re talking about commercial industry chocolate milk that comes pre-made – grandma’s special chocolate milk formula is out the door.

What Makes Chocolate Milk so Unhealthy for Kids?

Most people struggle to conceptualize the ingredients on a food label. One handy trick is to remember every 4g of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar or 1 sugar cube.

In this way of thinking… One 500ml jug of chocolate milk = 15.5 tsp of sugar.

That’s 17% more sugar, 80% more calories and 590% more sodium than the fictional Coca Cola Pro beverage.

I think we can do better. Encourage your kids to choose white milk. We’ve got enough problems in our country without trying to push a sweetened baby cow beverage.

Credit to Obesity Blogger and Physician Yoni Freedhoff.

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