The Trouble being a Man

(As told by a poor young woman…)

CDC Stats Prove Women are Smarter than Most Men

Now, I probably don’t mean this… but yesterday, I stumbled onto some proof that women are definitely perhaps smarter than men…

Real Detective Work.

I’ll set the scene for you: It was a normal day, I thought. I was minding my own business, diligently looking up CDC obesity stats for a nutrition grant proposal at work..when all the sudden my eyes stumbled across THIS:

Obesity and Socioeconomic Status

  • Among non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American men, those with higher incomes are more likely to be obese than those with low income.
  • Higher income women are less likely to be obese than low-income women.
  • There is no significant relationship between obesity and education among men. Among women, however, there is a trend—those with college degrees are less likely to be obese compared with less educated women.

Do you know what this means?!?!?!

  1. Rich Man = Weighs More? Rich, successful men are more likely to be obese than poor men. Meanwhile, the inverse is true of women. Poor women are more likely to be obese than rich women
  2. Smart Man = Weighs More? Educated men are just as likely to be obese as non-educated men. Meanwhile, the inverse is true of women. Educated women are less likely to be obese than uneducated.

Why might this be true? One might say that women are better at using our resources and intelligence to make decisions. Or, we could take a more complicated approach…

Big Rich Men and Skinny Rich Women

Let’s give them a fair shake and consider the differences between these two groups. Why would a wealthy man be at higher risk for obesity than a wealthy woman?

  1. Wealthy men wine and dine more often than wealthy females. Eating frequent meals out is positively correlated to excess weight gain. High calorie (and often fried) appetizers are often enough calories for the entire meal, not to mention the calories from alcohol, the main course, and dessert. If you are a wealthy man in this scenario, what could you give up?
  2. Wealthy females are (more often) wealthy by association. I know it’s the age of feminism, but it’s still true that wealthy males often have wives who stay at home or dedicate their energy to charities. Meanwhile, I know far less men who stay home just because their wife makes the big bucks.  Therefore, wealthy (non-working) females may have more free time than wealthy (working) men. With more free time, wealthy non-working women can afford to go to their personal training sessions and eat healthy dinners at home.
  3. Wealthy males work long hours. We all know it’s difficult to make time for the gym and healthy meals if you’re spending long hours in the office. Working far from home or without breaks can be very detrimental to health. This particular male might want to look into a standing desk, a nearby gym, and a healthy eating venue.
  4. A difference in image, female clothing designed to ‘fit’ differently. I’m pretty sure if wealthy males had to parade around in spandex-like material they would care about their weight more. But, as it is, their clothing comes in so many different easy-to-fit sizes. A few pounds here or there doesn’t become a problem like it does for a wealthy woman who needs to fit into her form fitting clothing.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many positive things to say about why EDUCATION seems to make very little difference to a man’s pursuit of health. Maybe there’s a difference between intelligence and follow through?Maybe you guys are rebels and girls just better at following rules??

Or… maybe women are actually smarter than men.

Nah… that’s too simple.

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