Day 8-9: 45g Carbohydrate Meals

Today was a very exciting day.

For the past two or three days, I’ve really been off my game. I wondered what was wrong with me. In my head I was: fat, crying, with no friends, a bad attitude, and a boyfriend who would probably break up with me at any second.

None of those things are logical. But, I didn’t know that at the time.

Anyways, I was beginning to think I was in the “pit of despair” until… I realized things (hormones) were about to start looking up. For anyone not familiar with the female hormone cycle, please educate yourself here.


Now let’s get to business. My meals for the past two days…

Day 8: I was running a little behind for work, so I ended up making a non-traditional breakfast (really.. does it matter what KIND of food you have as long as you “break-your-fast?”). I met Andrew for lunch at Whole Foods. Dinner was a masterpiece made by Sherry – my host mom. (I swear, I am really getting into soups this winter. They are the perfect way to start out a meal).


Diabetic Breakfast

I told  you I was in a hurry. This is a Herbed Turkey and Cream Cheese Sandwich on two small slices of Homemade Bread (40g carbohydrate), Baby Carrots, and a handful of Cherry Tomatoes.


45g carbohydrate meals

This picture could be a little hard to decipher. What you’re looking at is the “Plate Method.” 1/2 my tray is full of a non-starchy vegetable (Garlic Tahini Kale Salad), 1/4 my tray is a lean protein (Curry Chicken Salad – 15g carbohydrate for a few dried apricots), and 1/4 of my tray is a carbohydrate (1 1/3 C Butter Bean Salad with Eggplant and Roasted Red Peppers – 30g carbohydrate).


Non-carbohydrate soup

A beautiful bowl of Sherry’s homemade Cream of Broccoli Soup. I did ask ingredients (broccoli, carrots, chicken stock, onion, butter, and a little bit of sour cream…. none of those ingredients have carbs. So I counted it as FREE!)

45g carbohydrate dinner

This is 1/2 C Butternut Squash Risotto (30g carbohydrate), 2/3 C Asparagus, 1 oven Baked Chicken Thigh with Light Breading – 10g carbohydrate. It can also be described as “delicious.”

Day 9: Early rising at 5:30a with some quality letter writing time. Breakfast, work, lunch with the co-workers, and coming home to blog before Andrew arrives to pick me up for our date. Who knows what I’m having for dinner… it’s not quite time for that yet.


45g carbohydrate breakfast

I know that looks like milk up there… but it isn’t. 1 C Kefir (11g carbohydrate), 1 C Roasted Beet Soup (10g), 1 High Fiber English Muffin (20g carbohydrate),  1 T Light Cream Cheese, 1 Fried Egg with fresh thyme, 1 slice Herbed Turkey Breast.


45g carbohydrate lunch ideas

Leftovers from the night before… 1 C cubed Butternut Squash (15g carbohydrate), Asparagus, 1 oven baked Chicken Thigh (10g carbohydrate), 1 1/2 C Cream of Broccoli Soup, 1 Medium Apple (22g carbohydrate).


 ???? Mystery ????

(I’ll fill you in on this one later. )

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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