Sister Smiles

You’re never too old or too young to change the world.

Torn ACL


Sometimes I have to stand back in amazement when I see the extraordinary persons my sisters have become. Our baby sister Amber is going away to college this week and the house will be empty for the first time in a long time. No more kids. We’re all grown up. But, right before she left, she and my other sister Bri had a chance to spend a few unexpected weeks together.

A lot of people would have been bummed about their first major knee surgery. Not Bri. She picks her attitude.

Happy CamperSeriously. This girl? ^^ Way too cute.

For the past two weeks, Bri came home to be a patient. Amber, our younger sister was her excellent nurse. And, I was not much help at all – being 1000 miles away.

Last Friday, I was talking to Bri on my way home from work (walking my bicycle in the park as the cars passed by in such a rush beside me). It was her first day back at her apartment and I asked how things were going. She responded that she was sad to be back – the few weeks she was home were some of “the best days of her life.”

Whoa! The best days of your life? You just had knee surgery!

They were so good because she, our finest multitasker, was forced to slow down. She had time to spend with our baby sister Amber and time to spend with our parents – even time to spend with me on the phone.

Staying busy,  Bri divides her time amongst so many different places. She’s either with her friends, at school, in the library studying, working at a country club, or hanging out with her boyfriend. Any time she’s with us, it’s carefully budgeted time – and it passes all too quickly.

I brought up the possibility this injury might have been a lesson on slowing down and she agreed. The time she got to spend with Amber before her first year of college was invaluable. Would she have taken that time to be her big sister if she hadn’t torn her ACL? It’s funny because Bri assured me that she talked to Amber about the “Important stuff. Not just the fun stuff.” Just like I used to talk to them about the “important stuff.”

It’s a nice thing when you know you can be 1000 miles away and still be there. All those years I helped guide them into becoming fine young women and now they’re capable of guiding each other without me.

You girls are good. You are very, very good. I am so very proud of both of you.

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